Our Highlights

Our Highlights

An insight into our culinary world

Welcome to the vibrant world of culinary excellence at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, where every meal is a celebration of flavour, tradition, and luxury. With a mix of global flavours and local Thai delicacies, our diverse dining options promise to tantalise even the most discerning palate. From elegant fine dining establishments offering innovative gastronomic creations to casual dining serving up comforting classics, each venue invites you to savour the finest ingredients, impeccable service and unforgettable ambience.

Chef Bjoern Alexander in Bangkok

Get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience as Michelin-acclaimed Chef Bjoern Alexander descends upon the Siam Kempinski for an exclusive eight-night residency.

Prepare to embark on a tantalising exploration of Chef Alexander's exquisite talents. From his one-Michelin-starred haven Gabriele Berlin to the dazzling two-star Octavium and one-star Petrus Hong Kong, his culinary journey has been nothing short of stellar. Most recently, he set Singapore ablaze with Matera and now he brings his flame of passion for cooking all the way to Bangkok.

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin - Legends of the Lotus

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin invites you on an extraordinary gastronomic voyage with our new menu, ‘Legends of the Lotus’. This culinary innovation celebrates the bounty of Thailand’s freshest ingredients, reimagined through a contemporary lens with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Prepare to be captivated by a narrative-rich dining experience, complete with delightful surprises, all delivered with our signature warm and attentive service. 

Sunday Riviera Brunch

Embark on a delectable journey to the sun-kissed Mediterranean coast with our 'Sunday Riviera Brunch', featuring an enticing array of traditional and contemporary dishes that capture the vibrant and sophisticated flavours of the French Riviera. 

ALATi Signature Dish

Discover our handmade pasta filled with succulent lobster meat sourced from the freshest catches of the sea. As you savour your first forkful, prepare to be enveloped by the richness of the lobster harmonised with subtle hints of herbs, saffron and lemon-infused Ricotta cheese. Cooked to perfection, the pasta serves as a tender canvas for the luxurious filling, ensuring a harmonious balance of textures that tantalise the taste buds with every mouthful.

Breakfast Must Try

Introducing our breakfast favourite, the ‘Hint of Phuket.’ This isn't your ordinary Eggs Benedict; it's a tantalising fusion of flavours that pays homage to the culinary wonders of Phuket, the gem of Thailand's south. Here’s where the magic happens: instead of the traditional bacon, we've elevated the dish with crab meat, adding a luscious layer of sweetness and brininess that takes every bite to new heights. And everything topped off with hollandaise sauce, chopped shallots and a pinch of Italian parsley.

Scented Serenity Teatime

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Kirinatu, a distinguished French perfume house. Join us on this journey as we introduce the scent of ‘Lotus Bleu,’ an exclusive fragrance created for Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, offered as a gift to everyone partaking in this extraordinary experience.

Restaurants & Bars

Reflecting Kempinski’s philosophy of harmonising European flair and local traditions, we offer a variety of restaurant outlets to fulfill every culinary wish.