About Us

About Us

For more than 125 years, Kempinski has been welcoming guests to spectacular destinations in the most stunning style. Together we’ve explored the world and discovered new places, possibilities and horizons. The very epitome of luxury, our brand is passionate about creating and crafting rich, meaningful and memorable experiences for every guest.

Our Story

Since 1897, across decades and continents, innovation and discovery has always guided the evolution of the Kempinski brand.


As the world’s oldest luxury hotel company, we are proud of our roots and passionate about offering each and every guest an unforgettable experience. Our long-term strategy ensures we innovate thoughtfully and expand selectively so our success story continues and our constellation of hotels shines brighter than ever.

Management Board

The Management Board reflects the diversity, craftsmanship know-how and pioneering spirit for which Kempinski is known around the world.

Lady in Red

At the heart of Kempinski is the remarkable people who look after each and every guest attentively and thoughtfully. Wherever you are in the world, from Berlin to Bangkok, we have a Lady in Red waiting to welcome you and take care of everything you could wish for with warmth, charisma, care and attention to detail.