Our approach

We acknowledge that the travel industry must accelerate efforts to mitigate its contribution to climate change. A reflection of what makes us sustainable, what successes have been achieved and where opportunity remains to innovate and improve, enabled us to publish the first Kempinski 2021 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report.


With over 80 hotels operating in 34 countries around the world, we know that our sourcing decisions significantly impact our environmental, social and economic footprint. Our safety, water, health, energy, charity, materials, waste, innovation, offerings and global impact have all been improved and enriched through partnerships with organisations that align with our environmental goals.


At Kempinski we are committed to creating positive experiences for all of our colleagues and communities. Aside from supporting our diverse teams in reaching their full potential, we also partner with a number of community initiatives to help us on our sustainability journey, creating activities, engagement and education for future generations.


The governance of our properties is the key link between our proud heritage and our vision for a successful and sustainable future. The success of Kempinski is dependent on the shared success of our guests, owners, partners, team members, suppliers and the communities where we operate.

ESG Report

We publish our 2022 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report, a reflection of what makes Kempinski sustainable, what successes have been achieved and where opportunity remains to innovate.