Climate change

We use modern technology to track all energy use, partnering with specialists who can guide us to be more energy efficient to help mitigate climate risk, to benefit our guests, team members and the local communities.

Kempinski has set an objective to measure 100% of energy emissions across all properties from 2023, to establish a baseline to measure future goals. By 2024, we aim to fully implement science-based targets for emissions reductions aligned with the Paris Agreement, with a goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

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We understand the essential value of water, and we are committed to supporting SDG#6 Clean Water and Sanitation at every Kempinski hotel. Our sustainability partner EarthCheck supports benchmarking and certification.

Not only is water a precious resource for all our stakeholders, but it is also a significant operating cost for our properties. Reducing water consumption and improving efficiency are not only good for our communities, but they also make smart business sense. 



Prioritising essential waste management

Waste is a critical component of our environmental impact. Not only does it take up space in landfills and pose the threat of pollution when entering the environment directly, but it is also responsible for producing potent greenhouse gases, such as methane.

We have prioritised waste management for many years and aim to prevent waste generation through considerate procurement. Emphasis is placed on finding methods to reduce environmental impact through recycling and/or re-use. Good waste management takes strategy and dedication to achieve positive outcomes.


Our environment

On our journey to improve the sustainability of the Kempinski brand, we realise diverse perspectives and approaches to monitoring and managing the sustainability of an organisation. With uncertainty following a global pandemic, visible impacts of climate change, supply chain stressors and conflict, we are heartened to see government and corporate bodies aligning efforts to address challenges.

Our commitment is to play our part in leaving the planet and society better than we found them, becoming a leader that inspires greater action through consistency, transparency and innovation.