A global outlook

The governance of our properties is the key link between our proud heritage and our vision for a successful and sustainable future. The success of Kempinski is dependent on the shared success of our guests, owners, partners, team members, suppliers and the communities where we operate.

Through the EarthCheck Certified programme, many properties have integrated comprehensive sustainability management systems into their operations and achieve world-leading improvements in efficiency and minimising impacts. Since 2021, we have worked with the UN Global Compact, and we are fully committed to the UN global corporate responsibility initiative and signatory principles, covering human rights, labour, the environment, anti-corruption initiatives and policies.


Supply chain

Our suppliers and partners play one of the most important roles in upholding Kempinski’s reputation for excellence through our relationships with guests, associates, business partners, investors, contractors and other stakeholders. We want to do business with companies that share similar values and we want to develop relationships with suppliers that are ready to collaborate with us in order to reach our sustainability target.

The Supplier Code sets forth the standards and guidelines that we expect our suppliers to uphold and that are applicable to all Kempinski employees in our global operation.

Managing our sustainability footprint

ESG report meetings are held on a quarterly basis. During these updates, members of the Sustainability Committee report on the overall progress of all material ESG activities. The Management Board relays information to the Supervisory Board and to its committees on a quarterly basis.

In order to meet these goals, we will continue to work with professional partners to monitor, measure and mitigate ESG risks and enhance ESG opportunities. As well as tactical initiatives designed to target specific goals, such as the elimination of single-use plastics and water conservation, we remain committed to exploring new initiatives and further developing existing programmes.

We also incorporate guidance of the World Economic Forum’s four Pillars of ESG when evaluating material impacts for our organisation.


Anti-corruption and ethics

Aligned with our approach to mitigate the risk of corruption, Kempinski also seeks to protect the ethical operation and management of its hotels. Our priority is to focus on prevention, but also to facilitate remedies for ethical issues. Our Supervisory Board demonstrate their authentic intent to mitigate the risks of unethical behaviour and foster an authentic desire for us to be known as a company that seeks to advance diversity, inclusion and belonging at every level.