About Us

About Us

A journey through our captivating constellation

Europe’s oldest luxury hotel company

From Berthold Kempinski’s humble roots as a Berlin-based wine merchant back in 1897, the Kempinski brand has come a long way. Now with spectacular hotels on several continents, we are proud of every step we have taken on this remarkable journey. And while much has changed, we’ve also taken great care to remain authentic and true to our heritage.

We ensure our guests are the foundation around which we craft every part of the travel experience. We select the destinations and sculpt the properties that fit perfectly with our vision and the dreams of our discerning guests. Whether it’s lovingly renovated iconic landmarks or modern architectural masterpieces, style, quality and individuality permeate every one of our hotels. Our pools, spas, gyms, bars and restaurants are the epitome of elegance.


Through the decades our hotels have been frequented by film stars, world leaders, royalty, nobility, artists, writers and musicians. And they’ve been the setting for some of life’s greatest moments, from romantic dinners to historic meetings, breathtaking weddings to family escapes.

But Kempinski offers so much more than sumptuous bedrooms and fine dining. It’s the enthralling experiences, breathtaking backdrops, unique ambience and unforgettable memories that make us truly remarkable.