About Us

About Us


Setting the scene for a successful future

Our luxury vision

Exclusivity is at the heart of Kempinski, and we want it to remain that way. That’s why we are highly selective about our growth and handpick the locations and properties that fit perfectly into our constellation of the most desirable hotels. As part of our strategy, we’re focusing our development efforts on prime European destinations while continuing our pioneering expansion on more continents.

We recognise that it is our remarkable teams that bring each of our hotels to life. Our people are an outstanding asset - that’s why investing heavily in talent selection is a key part of our strategy. Training and educating our staff means we can guarantee that expertise is passed along from management through to each individual at every level so guests get the best possible experience.

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We also believe that our brand promise can be best delivered through a decentralised approach. Our trust in, and empowerment of, our teams in regional offices means we can offer the very best service while respecting and accentuating the cultures of each region, country and property.

As a private company with long-term support from our shareholders, we can choose the path we navigate, stay true to our heritage and keep our guests at the centre of everything we do.