Viennese Cuisine

Viennese Cuisine

Vienna is a food lover's paradise! Wiener Schnitzel, Apple strudel and a rich wine culture are just a few buzzwords when you think about Vienna.

A culinary Journey through Vienna

Vienna is a heaven for foodies! 

This culinary metropole offers everything from a fine-dining experience in Michelin-starred restaurants to booths on every street corner, serving simple but tasty sausages and the famous cheese kransky. A notable fact of local tradition is the coffeehouse culture. Coffeehouses invite people to enjoy coffee and conversations or read papers at their leisure. The food served consists mainly of snacks like pastries, cakes and cookies. The close proximity to Hungary, Bohemia and Moravia influence the Viennese cuisine with dishes like strudel and palatschinken or goulash, potato dumplings and pork roasts. 

There are a few highlights you should not miss during your trip to the "delicious" city: 

The coffeehouse culture 
Recognised in the last two years as a piece of Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO, Viennese coffeehouse culture lives up to its world-famous reputation for providing an oasis of comfort. Traditional and typical Viennese coffeehouses lure with a wide range of styles of coffee, a variety of patisserie options and memorable Viennese charm. 

Whether you want to try a Gugelhupf, a classic Sacher cake or an apple strudel, you're sure to find an enchanting, delightful and sweet treat. 

Vienna markets 
To experience a real city vibe and cultural diversity, we highly recommend visiting the street markets. They are the best places to enjoy local flair with the citizens together. Naschmarkt is only one of many famous markets where you can visit, buy some fresh vegetables from Kamelitermarkt, enjoy a chat at Brunnermarket with local Viennese or enjoy a glass of wine at Kutschkermarkt. 

From Indian chicken curry to Japanese sushi and traditional Austrian cuisine, the Viennese Naschmarkt offers a colourful and diverse culinary scene with something for every age. Filled with every sort of food, spice and scent, the Naschmarkt will excite its visitors. Stroll past the 130 market stalls and immerse yourself in a mix of cultures and nationalities. Take some time for a visit and try specialities from all over the world. 

Heurigen above Vienna 
Typically Viennese – casual and traditionally on the outskirts of Vienna – a "Heuriger" is a place to feel comfortable and where everyone is welcomed. While sitting table-to-table with locals, enjoy traditional Viennese wine-tavern dishes, ranging from cold ham and cheese plates to spreads and homemade fruit juices. Viennese wine taverns offer everything the heart of an aficionado could desire. 

Ask our Kempinski staff for their favourite Heurige restaurant. Our directions for you: in the 16th, 17th and 18th district on the outskirt of Vienna, you can find some lovely Heurigen to enjoy. For wine lovers, we suggest Nussdorf, Heiligenstadt and Kahlenberg, where you can enjoy a glass of this year's wine companies by some beautiful view above Vienna.