Exclusive Rewards Currency

Earn & Redeem DISCOVERY Dollars

Introducing DISCOVERY Dollars (D$), our exclusive rewards currency. Effortless to earn from day one, and all yours to spend, however you like. From a relaxing hotel stay to a pampering spa session, indulging in culinary delights or relishing unique curated Experiences, savour each moment and make the most of your exclusive privileges.

What are DISCOVERY Dollars?

Upon joining KEMPINSKI DISCOVERY, you'll start receiving a percentage on all eligible purchases, ranging from 4% to 7% converted into DISCOVERY Dollars (D$), every time you visit one of our hotels.

D$1 amounts to USD 1, so the value is clear. And keeping tabs on your balance is easy on the all-new Kempinski App.


How do DISCOVERY Dollars work?

As a member, you'll automatically start earning from day one on stays and purchases in any of our hotels. Simply put your D$ towards your eligible bill amount to help pay for your indulgences. It’s that simple!


How can you spend D$?

We believe in celebrating life and delighting in each and every moment. Therefore, D$ are yours to spend however you like across our hotels, at home or away. 

Experience some truly incredible journeys, from a well-deserved getaway to epicurean dining, an indulgent spa treatment to partaking in intriguing Experiences. Live it up - there’s a plethora of options to spend your D$.