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Travelling In Style

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If our last issue was all about celebrating our 125-year history, this Travelling in Style is focused on the future. We have lots of news to share, including recently opened properties, previously uncharted destinations, and some tempting culinary additions.

Discover the latest addition to our portfolio, Kempinski Hotel Cancún, and its land of Maya mystery and legend, or take a walk through the vibrant streets surrounding The David Kempinski Tel Aviv. ‘What’s New’ will ensure that you’re up to date on our latest happenings, or you can take a journey into the past with our feature on the 14,000-year history of bread.

If you’re in need of inspiration for your next getaway, the Moments feature gives you a peek into the memories from Singapore and Muscat of other Kempinski travellers, then Live Local will give you access to the most authentic culinary experiences of your chosen destination.

KempinskiTISCancunFeb.23 379 (1).jpg

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, discover all the benefits of consulting a Luxury Travel Advisor in our ‘Bespoke Luxury’ piece. And when you reach your room, ‘Travel Tips’ will ensure that you enjoy it to the maximum, before taking the experience home with the help of Kempinski Boutique.

Scroll down to read the full magazine, and wherever you decide to travel, be sure to share your @kempinski memories with us on social media.