Beyond DNA

Beyond DNA

Weight loss according to your genes

New at Kempinski The Spa: With Beyond DNA you will receive a comprehensive DNA analysis to find out which food will lead to your desired weight based on your genetic structure and how to maintain it in the long-term. While other analyses only determine one type (e.g. protein type), with a Beyond DNA Weight analysis you can additionally find out which of approximately 1,000 foods are optimal for your body. This is simply done by the use of testkits, which can be exclusively purchased at our Kempinski The Spa.


Eat Personalised not Less

Instead of starvation, diet trends and yo-yo effects you can get clarity about what kind of meals and snacks will genetically lead to your desired weight. You will receive your individual results summarised in an electronic document or as a printed book with information about your personalised diet and how to enjoy food the right way.                                                         

A team of nutritionists, dieticians and doctors is available on request to discuss your personal evaluation with you.

The test kits are available at the spa reception or via the online shop.