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What to do and see in Dalian
What to do and see in Dalian

As a city, Dalian offers plenty to both domestic and international travellers looking to explore northeast China. With plenty of parks and rolling green hills, Dalian presents something of a unique and cosmopolitan environment – and there is plenty to explore.

Historic Dalian

Just like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Qingdao, Dalian too has had to break free from colonial occupation. But where it was Britain in the case of Hong Kong and Germany in that of Qingdao, for Dalian, its colonials arrived in the form of Russia and later, Japan.

In 1950, Dalian was renamed Luda City by the Communist regime, but in 1984, when the city opened up to foreign investment, it once again became Dalian – the title it had historically assumed since 1898.

Since this opening, Dalian has continued to grow from strength to strength, and today, it signifies all that is great and good about modern China. However, that is not to say there is a lack of historic landmarks to explore throughout the city – far from it.

Built in 1909, the former Yokohama Specie Bank looks as impressive as ever today as it must have done during the era of the Japanese occupation. Placed against the modern backdrop of the city, nothing portrays the two sides to Dalian's history quite like this upright and colonial sight.

Dalian's Cuisine

With the Yellow Sea to the south and the Bohai Sea to the west, Dalian is a city surrounded by water, so naturally, seafood is the city's speciality.

From fish to prawns, shellfish and crab, the seafood in Dalian caters for all tastes, and it is easy to find restaurants and menus that epitomise quality. One such eatery can be found in the Shaheko District of the city in the form of WanBao Seafood Fang, where delicious Chinese seafood dishes – and enormous crustaceans, it must be said – are served. Boating one of the finest reputations throughout the city, if you are looking to experience the best there is, a visit to WanBao is well worth doing.

For those looking to experience something other than seafood, Dalian's worldly appeal and cosmopolitan outlook means there is always something new to try – whether it arrives in the form of a Brazilian grill or traditional Chinese restaurant.


Xinghai Square
Covering over one million square meters, Xinghai Square is the largest square in the world and is, without doubt, Dalian's number one must-see attraction. Built for the city's 1998 centennial, the square boasts several sculptures, including an installation that depicts 1000 footprints and an opened book to commemorate the city's history and seaside reputation.

Dalian Forest Zoo
Home to more than 3,000 animals, and spread across an area the size of a small town, Dalian Forest Zoo is a must for any family visiting northeast China. From pandas to tigers, bears and lions – there is something for everyone to enjoy in this enchanted city escape.

Grand Black Mountain of Dalian
Located in Jinzhou District, Dalian's Grand Black Mountain provides any traveller looking to experience the great Chinese outdoors with a wonderful opportunity to explore. The mountain itself is dotted with temples and the summit is less than 2,000 steps away – meaning even the weariest traveller stands a good chance of climbing to the top.

Visiting Dalian

For passengers flying from Europe or the United States, Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport can be reached with just the one stop – most likely at Peking or Guangzhou. Once you have landed at the airport, you will have no problem reaching the city centre – and a taxi can be hailed from the airport's 'official' taxi queue on its eastern side.

For those looking to access the city's train station, there's a handy shuttle bus that runs into the city after every flight.

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