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Travellers Tips on Safety
Travellers Tips on Safety

There are few things finer in life than getting to explore this planet that we call home. Not only is travel an essential part of modern life, it can also be very enriching, and leave you with plenty of stories to tell!

Of course, positive stories are always much more pleasant to share than negative ones. Travelling - in any capacity - isn't without risk, but there are ways you can minimise the chance for unsafe situations to unfold. Here, we have highlighted some travel tips for staying safe abroad, in the hopes that they will help your next trip take place without any trouble. Happy travelling!

Research the customs of your destination

Whether it's a custom for your shoulders to be covered at all times, or if making a simple hand gesture could be taken as offensive, it can really pay to research your destination before you go to avoid accidentally offending!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

When it comes to money and important documents, it is vital that you keep everything as safe as possible at all times. With money, spreading it out across a couple of bags and pockets ensures that, even if a bag is lost or stolen, you will still have some money to hand.

With travel documents, make use of in-room safes, or consider leaving documents with reception at a trusted hotel. It is worth keeping some form of photo ID on you at all times, as well as any visa documents you might have needed to get into the country.

Make sure you arrange appropriate travel insurance cover

Depending on your destination, you might find that the healthcare system is radically different to the one you are used to back home. In many cases, if you hurt yourself while abroad, you will need to pay for your medical treatment.

Travel insurance - along with protecting your luggage, flights and accommodation in many cases - can also cover you for any emergency treatment you need to receive while away from home. Ensuring your policy covers health care is vital, as unfortunately, you never know when you might need it. Better safe than sorry!

It is okay to ask questions

Exploring somewhere new can be a lot of fun - but it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, especially when there is a language barrier. Instead of entering into an entirely unknown situation, it can really help to ask questions.

If you are going out for the evening, ask your concierge the likelihood of catching a registered taxi back in that area. Ask which areas are considered safest in the city, and ask about any recent news that could impact upon your trip.

Trust your instincts

Common sense is a much underestimated part of travelling abroad. We have all been known to overthink a situation rather than using our natural instinct and common sense - but when you are in unfamiliar surroundings, and if you are not comfortable about a situation, sometimes relying on your gut instinct is all you can do.

Trust your head to help you go into a self-preservation mode, and you will be surprised at what you can deal with. Don't forget to familiarise yourself with emergency service phone numbers of your destination country - just in case.

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