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Travel Insurance: The Essential Guide
Travel Insurance: The Essential Guide

Our time spent on holiday is expected to be some of the most enjoyable, wonderful and relaxing we experience. For this reason, many of us forget that sometimes, accidents can happen on holiday, which is why it is so important to arrange travel insurance to guard against those occasional events.

Having the correct insurance plan is very important too, and the costs, headaches and heartaches that can stem from avoiding it are well worth the price of a policy.

Why it is important

The greatest costs that can stem from a holiday aren't always helicopter tours or undersea excursions, but the charges involved with accessing medical treatment overseas.

The cost of overseas medical treatment can greatly exceed those of your home country, and both extended procedures and those utilising the most modern medical technologies can regularly cost five-figure sums. The price of flying patients home is also very high.

This does not necessarily apply to those visiting countries in the EU though. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows EU citizens to access state health services in the event of emergencies, although the card must be taken on holiday and some small charges that travel insurance can cover may still be applicable.

Insurance can also guard against travellers losing their money in the event that they cannot attend their holiday or wish to return early, as well as covering lost or stolen luggage and valuables, and deals with any unfortunate issues that might occur relating to personal liability or the law.

It is imperative that travellers purchase some sort of travel cover, but with a variety of options offered, which should you choose?

Are you already covered?

There is a chance that flyers may be covered by some form of insurance already. Many bank accounts and some employers offer travel insurance, so it pays to check with your bank or workplace the moment your visit is booked, providing the necessary details regarding the excursion.


If you don't already benefit from cover, you should look into purchasing some before you travel.

The least expensive option available is a single-trip policy - a good choice for individuals who only go abroad once or twice a year. These options are also useful for those wishing to purchase a travel insurance package that covers a specific activity – skiing or watersports, for instance – or for people visiting a region of the world known for being more dangerous than normal.

Annual cover

For people who travel frequently, it makes much more sense to buy an annual insurance plan. Over an entire year, travellers with annual plans can travel to their heart's content, depending on the conditions of the particular plan – some will state that trips cease to be covered when their duration exceeds a certain number of days, for example.

Annual coverage plans regularly begin paying for themselves after the second trip and can cover domestic trips as well, saving holidaymakers a large amount of money, compared to the single-trip equivalent.

Things to look out for

When searching for a plan, you should make sure it covers illness, injury, cancellation, theft, loss, emergency repatriation, personal accidents and public liability. Here it is important for holidaymakers to check how much the excess is, how much can be claimed (in the case of lost belongings) and whether any of their pre-existing illnesses might invalidate their cover.

After the plan has been purchased, make sure you then make note of the telephone number that is required in order to make a claim.

Travel insurance is very important and doesn't always have to be expensive. Make sure you are completely protected and take out a plan whenever you travel. If you require guidance on the sort of package you should look for when visiting one of our locations, please contact us.

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