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Top Tips for Extreme Sports Beginners
Top Tips for Extreme Sports Beginners

We all know how exciting a trip to the beach can be after a long stretch of working, however a relaxing break is very different to the thrill of a bungee jump or snowboarding. If you are thinking of choosing your next getaway based the latter, then there are a few things you need to bear in mind before you put on your board shoes and head off-piste – extreme sports are just that, after all.

Research heavily
Whichever sport you would like to try, and however much of your trip away you would like it to occupy, you need to find good-quality tour operators that will ensure your experience is as enjoyable and pain-free as possible.

This means getting in contact with your overarching tour operator or hotel and extensively researching the options available at your destination of choice. Head online, explore well-known review sites, and ensure that you are not going to get charged too much when you arrive.

You should also speak to your doctor when you decide upon a specific sport or package – you may be unaware of health reasons that could impact your enjoyment, as well as the type of insurance you require.

Get the correct insurance
Most regular travel insurance plans don't cover extreme sports, due to the clearly dangerous nature of the activities and consequently the higher frequency of pay-outs.

Therefore, it is very important that you seek specialist cover, preferably one that is focused on the particular sport you are going to undertake. If you are on a budget, search by price first, then read the small print, find the most exhaustive cover you can, or enquire with your tour operator for their recommendation.

Bring the right equipment
Most extreme sports providers will supply you with the equipment you need for your first venture out on the slopes, rapids or cliff faces – although you should certainly make sure to check whether this is the case during your initial enquiries – you don't want to lose money by not bringing the necessary accessories.

You will almost certainly have to bring your own sportswear, but once again, check with your operator which items are best for the activity before purchasing.

Extreme Ski

Don't jump in at the deep end
Extreme sports can bring a rush of adrenaline to even the most relaxed individuals, while giving a feeling of near-immortality. It is why so many people enjoy the activities, after all.

However, you are not immortal – you are a beginner at a sport that is dangerous, it has been given the prefix "extreme", and requires its own brand of insurance cover! As such, it is imperative that you gain some tuition before you head out alone, and even then, that you make sure that you take it easy when you first begin to exercise your adrenal glands.

If you act hazardously and don't heed the warnings, you could land yourself in real trouble as well as justifying insurers' decision to provide extreme sports policies.

Enjoy the thrill
Extreme sports are fun. Whether you are diving beneath the Red Sea, exploring wrecks and meeting inquisitive rays, or scaling a sheer cliff, one hold at a time, there is something delightfully intrepid about them, especially when you take into account the obvious physical demands they require.

Be sure to keep yourself safe, and to plan every aspect of your first excursion. Only once you have spent some time getting used to your new hobby, should you take your leisure completely into your own hands.

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