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The Top 5 Places for Street Food in the World
The Top 5 Places for Street Food in the World

If there is one universal thing to love about travelling - whether it is for business or pleasure – it is the tastes and flavours that are provided by visiting somewhere new. From fine dining to fast food, there are so many different ways to experience the delicacies of a new country. One of the most authentic ways of trying something new is with the growing movement of street food.

From road-side sellers to tiny shops tucked away, the kinds of street food that are most indicative of the culture you are in are the ones that are clearly made with love - and there are some real treats to be had from vendors that take their food seriously. Here, you will find our five favourite destinations for street food lovers.


Delhi has a secret, and it is called Daulat ki Chaat. You will only see it appear on the carts of street food retailers during the winter months, but this treat is worth the wait. Literally translating as 'milk puff', Daulat ki Chaat is essentially whipped milk that is left to set, before being topped with saffron, sugar, and pistachio nuts. The result is a meringue-like consistency that takes on the delicate flavours of the spices and nuts - a really delicious treat!


Found not only in Berlin, but across the whole of Germany, there is no denying the prevalence of Wurst. Most commonly eaten after an evening out on the town, but also as a lunchtime treat, both Bratwurst and Currywurst are popular sausage-based dishes, often served chopped, with fries and sauce.


Head to northern China, and you will quickly discover the Xiao Long Bao. This delicacy is a steamed dumpling soup, and many chefs boast theirs to be a family recipe. Take care - the pork-filled dumplings can be very hot, even if the soup is a drinkable temperature!


We couldn't leave Italy out of this list, however not for its pizza or pasta dishes - Italy is, of course, home to Gelato. Whether it is eaten as a dessert on an evening walk, or enjoyed during the heat of the day to cool down, the original ice cream is easily found on the streets of Italy, in a whole host of amazing flavours.


A country with a varied and delicious spice palate, Turkey is a food-lover’s paradise if you know where to look - and that doesn't end when you leave some of the nation's top restaurants. Here, you will find that street food is more snack-based and definitely worth sampling. Simit, for example, is the Turkish take on the savoury pretzel or bagel. The dough is coiled into a circle shape, before being dipped in molasses and sesame seeds - delicious, especially for a quick breakfast.

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