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The Top 4 Stargazing Spots in the World
The Top 4 Stargazing Spots in the World

There is something magical about looking up at the stars. Since ancient times, the great minds of the world have observed our solar system and used it to construct ideas about the universe we are part of. Fortunately, we are able to understand far more about space nowadays, but there is no denying the exciting and awe-inspiring nature of stargazing.

We may feel that our planet is big, but the universe surrounding us is infinite - so where on earth can we head to get the best view of our skies? Though the options are somewhat endless, here are some of our favourite spots in which you can play astronomer with the very best of views.

Stargazing in…


Rural parts of Europe are well-known for offering great starry views in the northern hemisphere, and Germany is no exception to that. The island of Sylt, which sits just off of the northern coast, offers incredible views - not least because of the lack of light pollution.

Alternatively, head into Berlin, and you will find there is plenty to see within the city limits too, with many stargazing groups meeting in parks outside of the city centre. Berlin is also home to several observatories – you would expect nothing less from the city that was home to the discovery of Neptune in 1846. Head to Archenhold Sternwarte to discover Germany's astronomical history, and perhaps take a look through what was once the world's longest telescope.


There is undeniable beauty in Spain's coastal resorts, but it is not until you head up into the mountains north of Malaga that you will really be able to appreciate the views when darkness falls.

Just an hour's drive from the centre of Malaga, Andalucía is often regarded as one of the most incredible stargazing spots in western Europe. Away from light pollution, the Andalucían hills are perfectly positioned for great panoramic sky views.

…United Arab Emirates

Night time in the desert is a strange but wonderful thing. A place that was so warm in daylight suddenly turns very cold indeed, and if you are out in the middle of nowhere, it can really feel very isolating. But one good reason to venture out into the desert at night - with a guide, of course - is to experience first-hand the amazing sights that can be seen when looking up.

The Dubai Astronomy Group is a popular group for local stargazers, and their centre houses all manner of astronomical luxuries. From an observatory to a campsite, educational facilities and even restaurants, the centre is the go-to place to observe events like the Perseid meteor shower.


In Kenya, where you are so close to the equator, it would be a shame to not take advantage of the unique stargazing opportunities. It is only along the equator that you will be able to see quite so much of our surrounding universe.

As with the other locations we have mentioned here, it is often the case that mountainous regions offer us the best vantage point - head up into the UNESCO-protected Mount Kenya National Park and be amazed.

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