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The Art of Floristry
The Art of Floristry

Bringing a sense of beauty into any room, flowers have the ability to make someone feel truly special. The perfect bouquet can enrich a special occasion, add meaning to an event and even express things words cannot.

When you stay with Kempinski, you will have access to all of our exclusive services. This includes our skilled florists, who are on hand to help fulfil your needs whatever the occasion. Whether you are looking to fill an entire wedding venue with magnificent floral creations, or simply wish to treat a loved one to the perfect rose while you are away together, we can assure you that our florists will be delighted to create the finest floral arrangements especially for you.

There is a true skill to flower arranging, one which combines natural beauty with meaning and colour. It is a delicate art form, with many intricate elements to be considered. We are about to take you into the world of a Kempinski florist, so you can understand the thought process behind your beautiful bouquet.

Choosing the perfect colour palette

Knowing which colours complement each other is a key skill for florists. Finding the perfect balance can be difficult, and there are four popular ways of combining colour that many florists practice.

First, we often use monochromatic colour palettes. Using shades in the same family, such as dark red, scarlet, and blush pink, an elegant and balanced display can be created. Another popular technique uses a triadic approach, using colours that are traditionally spaced equally around the colour wheel. For example, combining the primary colours of red, blue and yellow will produce a vibrant, rich and playful bunch of flowers.

Floral arrangements that use red and violet, red and orange or even yellow and green follow an analogous technique, while complementary colour schemes take pride in combining opposite colours, creating stunning contrasts between blues and oranges and greens and purples.

Of course, there are no strict rules when it comes to creativity. A true florist has an eye for colour, and you may find a delightful pop of yellow within a monochromatic blue bouquet, or even an unexpected vibrant orange.

Whether you are looking for flowers to tie into your wedding's colour scheme, require a lively bouquet to represent your company at business events or simply wish to incorporate your partner's favourite hues into a beautiful gift, the team of florists across Kempinski hotels will be able to offer suggestions and advice, so they can produce the perfect arrangement for you, whatever the occasion.

Taking note of the season

Every flower has its own season to truly blossom, and it is a florist's job to know everything about the availability of a particular species, as well as each flower's symbolic meaning. If you are reaching out to a florist for a special occasion, they can advise on the perfect flowers to signify your precious moments, be it a marriage or the birth of a new family member.

For brides-to-be, delicate flowers such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas and tulips are often highly requested. The florist's job is to combine your favourites into a breathtaking bouquet, adding in a touch of greenery and asking before your special day what kind of impression you wish your flowers to make.

For weddings that wish to make an impact, your florist may suggest choosing a unique, impressive flower like the amaryllis which represents beauty and pride, and comes into season during November until April. Traditionalists may opt for white, while an energetic coral pink can look striking as part of a summer wedding.

The finishing touches

Every detail is considered when it comes to crafting the perfect flower arrangement, and the very best florists make sure your bouquet looks fantastic from every single angle. Adding in lively springs to a dense bunch of flowers can create a refreshing contrast, adding some much-needed texture that lifts and enhances the overall appearance of the bouquet.

As for finishing touches, everything is taken care of. At Kempinski we can accommodate every request, whether you are in need of a beautiful vase or wish to channel a rustic style, tying the bouquet with an exquisite ribbon.

To find out more information about our Kempinski florists, please contact your desired hotel's guest services team who'll be more than happy to help you with your floral needs.

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