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How To Travel Like A Local
How To Travel Like A Local

Travelling - whether it is for business or pleasure - can definitely have its little luxuries. Staying in a lovely, welcoming hotel and dining out are some of our favourite things about globe-trotting but, when your trip sees you guided on autopilot from hotel to tourist spot to office to hotel again, you can find yourself missing out on the wonders of the world around you!

When you exist solely in tourist mode, it is all too easy to miss out on the local favourites, hidden surprises and authentic culture of your new surroundings. While we're all for indulging in a little tourism, it is also important to really experience the place you are in! Here, we have got some top tips for doing just that - travelling like a local.

Research through conversation

You can read every guide and article about a location before you get there, but there is no way of really knowing what your destination will be like until you can experience it for yourself!

There is no harm at all in taking a look at the kind of things you might like to see, do or eat while travelling before you leave, but don't be afraid to ask for recommendations while you are there. Those that live locally will always know the secrets: where the best lesser-known restaurants are, or recommend museums with shorter queues.

Learn some key phrases

But what about when you are travelling to a country where they speak a language you don't understand? The best way to counter this is really simple - learn a few essential phrases before you go. More often than not, you will find that people are really receptive to you even just having a go.

Learning a few phrases to help you get by in everyday situations - rather than reaching for the phrasebook every time - really does show that you are happy to make an effort. You might be surprised at the recommendations you get in return!

Familiarise yourself with the currency

Nothing stands out more in a shop or a restaurant than someone that has to carefully examine each coin before paying for something. This can really label you as a tourist - something which, in some areas, can be unwise.

Instead, take some time to learn the value of each note and coin before you venture out. Not only will you look like you are used to the currency, it also indicates that you are well versed in your surroundings too.

Book tickets to local events

A quick search can tell you about any number of events going on in your destination when you are due to arrive. From food to film festivals, it is likely that there is something going on while you are there - so why not get involved?

You are more likely to see the authentic version of your destination this way, as you are embracing the culture that the locals will have helped build - and will certainly be involved with! Book your tickets in advance to both guarantee yourself entry, and to make yourself go - we know how tempting a cosy night in your hotel room can be!

Dress for the weather

Nothing shouts 'tourist!' louder than someone wearing clothing that they have bought for their holidays, but still insist on wearing even if the weather is not suitable. Separate from appearances, comfort should be paramount when you are going from attraction to attraction, so be sure to check the weather ahead of time pack accordingly.

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