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How To Pack Smarter For Your Holiday
How To Pack Smarter For Your Holiday

How To Pack Smarter For Your Holiday

With most airlines offering between 20 and 30kg of hold luggage for long-haul flights, whether you are jetting off for business or pleasure, packing smart is essential if you are looking to make the most out of your luggage allowance. From your bigger suitcases to your hand luggage, there are plenty of ways that you can make the most out of the space you do have - without compromising on the items you would like to travel with you. Here, you will find some of our favourite space-saving tips and tricks.

How old is your suitcase?

It seems common sense that the lighter your suitcase is, the more you will get away with packing when it comes to ensuring you stay within your airline's luggage allowance, but when you have a trusty suitcase that you have used for years and years, it is easy to forget that modern suitcases are made from durable but much lighter materials. If you are conscious of the weight of your luggage, it is definitely worth considering a case-upgrade!

You will also find a whole host of features on newer luggage types, all designed to make your travel easier. From Formula One-inspired wheels to expandable sides, there's plenty to choose from.

To roll, or not to roll?

There is plenty of conflicting advice when it comes to travel packing. Many swear that rolling allows for the most space, but when you have garments that you would rather weren't creased when it comes to unpacking, some remain firm that folding is king.

In short, how you pack very much depends on what you are packing. Delicate evening clothes could be gently folded over and within tissue paper for added protection, whereas a cotton cover-up could easily be folded and re-pressed if required on your arrival. Common sense is best, and it always makes sense to pack heavier items like toiletries, shoes, jackets and denim pieces at the bottom of the suitcase, with the lighter items on top.

Packing for the family can be even trickier - as it is not just yourself you need to consider, but the little people in your life too! Always be sure to check with your airline the amount of luggage allowance that comes with each seat, as you might find you've got more packing space than you first thought. Need some further assistance? Then this handy packing video might be able to help.

Can your hand luggage be handier?

Though there are plenty of airline restrictions when it comes to hand luggage, there are still ways of utilising the space you have within the cabin itself. Along with packing the technology essentials, a good book and maybe some snacks from the departure lounge, it is always good sense to pack some spare underwear, a toothbrush and maybe even a spare shirt or blouse - unfortunately, luggage can go missing, and this way, you will be prepared with the very basics until your suitcases can be returned to you.

In a similar fashion to modern suitcases, you will also be able to find lightweight hand luggage bags that are designed specifically to fit in your allocated space. If you are only going on a short break, you might find that you can eliminate the need for hold luggage (and thus saving time in the airport) by strategically packing your belongings. Remember, most airlines still have restrictions on liquids in your carry-on items, so be prepared to pack travel-sized versions or leave the toiletries at home and pick some up on arriving in your destination.

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