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Five tips for surviving the day after a Christmas party
Five tips for surviving the day after a Christmas party

The Christmas party is the most popular social event in most workplaces; a time of year when the workload is temporarily forgotten and colleagues can relax and have fun together.

Christmas parties provide endless conversation topics throughout January and beyond, but with so much energy and consumption concentrated in a merry 24-hour period, partying in style comes at a price, and the next day’s hangover seems unavoidable.

When the next morning does inevitably arrive, guests at Kempinski Hotels should follow our survival guide below in order to refresh, recover and revitalise.

Festive Party

Be still
Provided you managed to make it back to your luxurious hotel bed after the party ended, you don’t need to venture anywhere outside of your own room for the first few hours after waking up. After all, who would want to leave a fluffy pillow and comfortable mattress?

Stillness is the foundation on which swift hangover recovery is based, but if you do make any sudden movements, make sure this incorporates opening your hotel room window to inhale the crisp, fresh air.

Keep warm
It can get awfully cold during the winter, so staying warm is essential to successfully beating the feeling of the Christmas party aftermath. After following step one, the first trip outside of your hotel room should be to the hotel bar.

No, we are not recommending more alcohol to cure your hangover, but instead a hot chocolate, espresso or herbal tea from the hotel bar. Add an extra sugar or two if this is what you need to make it through the day. By this stage, you should be starting to rid yourself of that uneasy feeling.

Refresh and revive
We’re not simply talking about reaching for the trusty bottle of water on the bedside cabinet, but rather treating your body to lots more liquid. Visit the luxury spa located within our hotels to indulge in a revitalising body treatment or aromatic back massage to draw out some of last night’s toxins.

Spa, High Tatras

The swimming pool is also a good choice, a gentle way to get tired bodies moving again. Alternatively, sweat it out in the sauna or steam room to refresh yourself, if swimming feels like a little bit too much movement.

Combat hunger
So you’ve sweated out yesterday’s sins and re-hydrated, now it’s time to test the stomach. Depending on just how big your appetite is, following flashbacks of last night, Kempinski’s restaurants serve plates for all levels of hunger, so make sure you eat something to make yourself feel better.

Here you can reminisce about last night’s antics with colleagues who have made it out of their rooms, although if you were particular badly behaved last night, you may want to use room service instead.

Venture outside
It is at this point that recuperating souls are ready to step outside to successfully conclude their hangover recovery course. By taking a short hike or renting a bike for a few hours, this will ensure individuals breathe in enough fresh air to restore their strength, and wave goodbye to any lingering feelings of tiredness.

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