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Explore the isolated Mongolian Steppe
Explore the isolated Mongolian Steppe

There are only a tiny number of places on earth where explorers can enjoy an escape that is visited by so few people at any single time.

Covering just over 340,000 square miles, the Mongolian Steppe, otherwise referred to as the Mongolian-Manchurian Steppe, is an immense stretch of grassland that dominates the Inner Mongolian landscape.

An isolated, semi-circular expanse that is located in between the forests of Siberia and the harsh terrain of the Gobi Desert, the Mongolian Steppe is popularly depicted by lone Mongol horses and seemingly endless greenery.

The Mongolian Steppe is a barren and freezing yet beautiful landscape during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean visits to the Mongolian Steppe are limited to the summer. Strong efforts have been made to provide a growing range of activities for all seasons in some of the most remote areas on Earth.

Go on patrol
An experience that is sure to create memories that last a lifetime, 4x4 patrols of the Toson Hulstai Nature Reserve are the best way to appreciate the diverse range of wildlife found in the Steppe.

Gazelle, sheep, goat and camel are all popularly herded on the Mongolian Steppe, and after a spending the day searching for all the species living here, you can enjoy a unique night’s sleep inside a traditional family yurt.

Mongolian Yurt

Due to the assistance of the Nature Conservancy, rangers have won their battle to continue offering safe patrols against the odds of extreme weather, allowing visitors to see the Steppe at its most dramatic.

Go underground
Above ground, the landscape of the Steppe is fascinating, but so too are the rarely seen treasures that lay beneath it. One of the Steppe’s most exciting day trips is a visit to Taliin Agui, the largest cave in Mongolia.

A remarkable 200m in length, local legend suggests the cave transmits positive energy upon arrival, and with eerie-looking stalagmites, multi-coloured walls and a concealed, icy entrance – the cave is captivating for even the most curious of visitors.

Uncover local folklore
When it comes to Mongolian history, most people have heard of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire.

Stand in the spot where the famous ruler was proclaimed khan (emperor) beside Khukh Nuur, otherwise known as the blue lake with the black heart, then wander in the shadow of the Black Heart peak while reading learning about the 36 statues which denote the numerous Khans' ancestry.

This is only a small area too - the rising land surrounding the lake is perfect for hiking while the remote woodland lends itself to true escapism.

If you are looking for more information on creating a perfect visit to the Mongolian Steppe on your next stay at Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace, don’t hesitate to get in contact now.

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