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Discover Muscat with Us
Discover Muscat with Us

Muscat is the capital of Oman, located on the Gulf of Oman on the Arabian Coast. It’s a beautiful city that’s full of culture, history and unique architecture, and there is plenty to explore.

Here, we take a look at the top things to do and see in Muscat. Read on and plan your trip.

Visit the Grand Mosque

Perhaps Muscat’s most famous landmark, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a popular tourist destination in the city. This stunning work of Islamic architecture is the largest mosque in Oman and is home to one of the world’s largest Persian rugs and biggest chandeliers.

There are two prayer rooms, a lecture theatre and a library too. It’s free to visit, but if you are thinking of taking a trip, do keep the dress code in mind. Visitors must dress conservatively, with their arms and legs covered. Women and girls aged seven and above must also cover their hair.

Explore the sights and smells at Mutrah Souk

A traditional Arab market, the Mutrah Souk is a must-visit when in Oman. You’ll find antiques, textiles, jewellery and tokens from the region in the Mutrah Souk, with shopkeepers calling out at you at every turn to visit their stall.

An experience like no other, expect to smell the oudh perfumes and oils being sprayed into the air, the bright colours of the stalls and noises of shopkeepers and customers haggling over products. The layout can be confusing and maze-like, but don’t worry too much – just take your time and soak up the wonderful sights and smells.

Experience the grandeur of Al Alam Palace

Although closed to the public, the Al Alam Palace is still a must-see when visiting Muscat. Built in 1972, this palace is the ceremonial residence of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and is Oman’s most extravagantly designed piece of architecture. It features striking gold and blue columns, geometric tiling and a unique flat roof.

Al Alam Palace is located inside the city’s rich government district and is surrounded by a cluster of government buildings and grand marble walkways - you can even see the City Walls from the palace.

Relax at Qantab Beach

Why not take advantage of Muscat’s coastal location with a trip to the beach? Oman is home to many beaches, mountains and bays, but nothing is more impressive than Qantab beach.

Located a half-hour drive away from Muscat centre, Qantab beach is encircled by sandstone cliffs, providing shade from the midday Muscat sun. The beach is secluded and quiet, and the waters are shallow and clear. It’s the perfect place to relax, go for a swim or take a short boat trip.

Muscat Royal Opera House

One of the most impressive buildings in the city, Muscat’s Royal Opera House is a stunning piece of contemporary architecture that’s crafted from white marble.

The building hosts some of the most significant events in Muscat and welcomes plenty  of famous performers to the stage each year too. The Opera House is just as grand inside and is well worth a visit when you visit Muscat - even if you haven’t bought tickets to a show.

Stay at Kempinski Hotel Muscat

If you are planning a trip to Muscat and want to make your stay extra special, then choose Kempinski Hotel Muscat. Located in the Al Mouj neighbourhood on the coastline, Kempinski Hotel Muscat is a luxury beach resort in the heart of the city.

With 310 rooms, two swimming pools, various restaurants and a luxury spa on site, it’s the perfect place to stay while exploring the beauty of Muscat.

So, if you are planning a city break like no other to Muscat, or maybe somewhere else in the Middle East, there’s sure to be a Kempinski hotel to suit. Click here to browse all our locations and begin your adventure.

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