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Carnivorous Capitals and Meaty Metropoles
Carnivorous Capitals and Meaty Metropoles

Although it is perfectly possible to sample meat dishes from around the world at home, there is no replacement for travelling to find the freshest and most authentic cuisines a culture has to offer.

We have selected five of our favourite cities around the world for the travelling carnivore that offer far more than a standard burger or steak – some are obvious choices, while others are better suited for more adventurous foodies.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin's reputation for food is odd – it is simultaneously known as both the vegan capital of the world, and a haven for meat lovers.

German cuisine is known for heavily featuring bratwurst (sausage) and schnitzel (a breadcrumbed and fried patty), and you can try these everyday dishes in a range of shapes, sizes and flavours on the streets of Berlin.

From currywurst (a spicy variant) to bockwurst (made from a variety of mouth-watering blends), you will find sausage dishes to suit any taste.

Schnitzel can be equally as varied – the classic Berliner schnitzel made from cow udder is a bit more of a rarity these days (though you can still find it!), with beef, pork and veal options more common. Schnitzel dishes can incorporate pasta, omelettes, cheese and ratatouille, or just on its own with a simple serving of salad and fries.

As well as these traditional local dishes, you will find plenty of chefs who take meat incredibly seriously. Try Filetstück's four-week dry aged steaks, home bred German Angus and oysters at Grill Royal, or a huge range of traditional meat dishes with modern twists at Fleischerei.

Aged Steak

When in Berlin, why not stay at Hotel Adlon Kempinski or Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin? Both offer outstanding comfort in locations conveniently close to the city's centre, which overflows with restaurants and street food vendors to sample.

Nairobi, Kenya
Kenya offers an amazing range of traditional meat dishes, and Nairobi is one of the finest places to sample them all – thanks in part to the legendary Carnivore, the world-famous, open-air restaurant where camel, crocodile and ostrich are roasted over charcoal and carved at your table.

The national dish of Kenya is Nyama Choma, Swahili for grilled meat, and this forms the basis of a lot of cuisine you will find in Nairobi – particularly street food. The slow-cooked meat will melt in your mouth and is usually served with a tangy relish.

For seafood lovers, stewed Tilapia is very popular in the city. The soft flesh of the fish is incredibly moist and full of flavour, and comes served with Ugali, a Kenyan staple made from maize meal.

As well as traditional dishes, Nairobi offers a huge range of cuisines from around the world – try sushi at Misono, Indian BBQ at Hasmis, or a Kenyan twist on the British gastropub at J's Fresh Bar and Kitchen.

When you have sampled the city's culinary delights, head back to Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi to unwind and sleep amid a perfect fusion of European luxury and Kenyan hospitality.

Xi'an, China
Not for picky eaters, Xi'an's cuisine overflows with all sorts of adventurous options that true meat connoisseurs can sink their teeth into. The markets and street food stalls of the city's Muslim Quarter are a must-visit, and you will be able to sample a chaun'er (kebab skewer) of just about anything you have ever wanted to try.

The city's local specialty is Yangrou Paomo, a mutton soup with its own special ritual – you will be given a flatbread to tear into chunks that the chef will then incorporate into the stew.

The roujiamo is Xi'an's take on a burger, and it uses shredded meat that is braised for hours in a traditional furnace. You will also find plenty of tangbao dumplings, a local version of a Shanghai delicacy, which typically use lamb or beef instead of the pork you will find in Shanghai.

If you are seeking different cuisines, step away from the street food stalls and into the Cyclist Restaurant for incredible Italian cuisine, or sample Brazilian BBQ at Churrasco.

We have a number of destinations in China, and if you are able to make the trip then Xi'an is well worth a visit.

Venice, Italy
The staples of pizza and pasta aren't all that Italian cuisine has to offer, and you will find plenty of meatier dishes in restaurants along the canals and side streets of Venice. Cross to the right bank of the Grand Canal and you will find the city's Pescheria (fish market) – you won't find much to try yourself, but you will see local chefs picking out the freshest frutti di mare to serve that day.

Venice Fish Market

Fish dishes in Venice will vary depending on the catch of the day, but anything you sample will be fresh and lovingly prepared. If fish isn't your favourite, then there are lots of opportunities to savour the most mouth-watering steak you will find anywhere in the world.

Of course, the perfect pizza can satisfy any meat lover with the right toppings, so head to Pizzeria All'Anfora for one of their giant pizzas covered with that Italian classic: pepperoni.

You will find a range of traditional Venetian seafood dishes at Ristorante Ai Tre Garofani and Osteria Antico Giardinetto, or you could try the Italian take on Tapas, Chichetti, at Osteria Al Chicheto.

Make a culinary journey to Venice complete with a stay at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice, the perfect place to rest after a delicious meal!

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