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Amazing Outdoor Exploration Holidays
Amazing Outdoor Exploration Holidays

Travel is inherently about exploration, and while this can take the form of an amble through dusky backstreets or a fabulous night time cultural trip, true discovery is more often than not found in the wilds of your chosen destination.

With the planet's staggering natural heritage stretching out before you, which destinations truly give you a chance to explore? Don’t waste any of the time that could be spent enjoying yourself and instead browse our tailor-made selection of utterly incredible outdoor exploration destinations.

Masai Mara

One of the last remaining true wildernesses on Earth, the Masai Mara Nature Reserve is home to a wealth of awe-inspiring sights, sounds and experiences that will delight nature enthusiasts. It is here that visitors can catch a glimpse of prowling packs of big cats, lumbering herds of elephants and one of the world's greatest natural wonders: the wildebeest migration.

Millions of animals, galloping in uniformity, throwing up red billows of dust and creating what could only be described as a thunderous cacophony – this is the true natural Africa, and it can all be seen through a safari in the Masai Mara.

Perched on the northernmost edge of the reserve is Kempinski's Olare Mara Kempinski, located within the Masai's adjacent park, the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. Stay in complete luxury, hidden amongst the grandest of landscapes.

South China Karst extension

Located across the south-west Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Hunnan and Guilin, the South China Karst extension is perhaps the nearest thing to an alien landscape one could possibly experience.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, the extension is a series of karst limestone features that jut out in to the sky, taking the form of near-vertical forested mountains covered by lush forest and otherworldly, barren, fingers of rock. Among these enormous formations are sleepy villages and verdant fields, while below the surface, huge underground systems weave their way beneath the landscape.

Guizhou's beautiful and exciting capital, Guiyang, is home to the Kempinski Hotel Guiyang. Here visitors to the area can enjoy stylish surroundings and elegant living before heading out in to the great beyond.

Gorilla trekking in the Virunga National Park

Densely-forested Rwanda is home to a variety of natural wonders, but one of the most exciting are the country's mountain gorillas. These large but gentle beasts number only around 900 and live singularly in the cloud forests of the Virunga National Park, a high-altitude home that the animals have occupied ever since being pushed out of lowland areas by human activity.

Located just a two-hour drive from the Hôtel Des Mille Collines, one of Rwanda's luxury hotels, the gorillas of Virunga can only be seen by visitors who choose to undergo a 90-minute trek through the forest. Don't let that put you off – seeing these amazing creatures up-close is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed!

The Great Wall of China

Winding through 13,170 miles of the Northern Chinese landscape, the Great Wall is one of the world's most incredible and most awe-inspiring architectural treasures. The history of the wall stretches back some 2,000 years, with sections being built by successive dynasties and leaders to keep the nomadic tribes and raiders at bay.

The Mutianyu Great Wall, the portion of the structure closest to Beijing, was built in the Northern Qi Dynasty (550–557) and strengthened later during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Passing over high mountains and between pretty forest ridges, this is a sight that is begging to be seen – do so from the Kempinski hotels surrounding Beijing's scenic Yanqi Lake.

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