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Amazing Horse Riding Experiences
Amazing Horse Riding Experiences

If you enjoy experiencing the great outdoors, enjoying beautiful vistas, natural wonders and rare wildlife, a trip on a horse or pony can be one of the best ways to enjoy everything nature has to offer. Across the world, there are all kinds of places well-suited for horse-back exploration – here are some of our favourites.

Tuscany, Italy
Renowned across the world as a spectacularly pretty and welcoming region, and brimming with all sorts of delights, be they architectural, cultural, artistic or culinary, Tuscany is a joy. Yet this quintessential Italian region is even better when it is seen from the saddle. Here you can ride through vineyards, sleepy villages and cypress tree-lined lanes, enjoying everything Italy does best.

Across the region there are a number of tour providers that specialise in showcasing the wonders of the area, perfect whether you are staying nearby, or even if you are staying a little over two hour's train ride away at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski in Venice.

While a number of African countries are home to horse riding activities, Tanzania's warm, vibrant and wonderfully wild nature makes it a must-visit for those wanting to catch a glimpse of fabulous creatures - from cheetahs and lions, all the way to rare rhinoceroses.

Staying at camps and game lodges, visitors on horseback will be able to get truly near to the animals of the savannah, although some routes (especially those that offer close experiences with predators) do require an intermediate or expert level of skill in riding.

The Loire, France
Any lover of French culture and history will likely have already visited some locations along the Loire, France's longest river, yet there is something special about seeing it from horse back.

From fairy-tale châteaux that date back centuries, all the way to monumental palaces, famous vineyards and wonderfully vibrant cities, there is a lot to see in this perfect European region, especially during summer, when it truly comes alive for riders.

The magic of this popular South American destination is perfectly summed up in the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, and it is understandable why many people decide to take the long trek up the Andes to this truly picturesque location.

Horseback Riding Peru

Hiking is great, of course, but a trip to the World Heritage Site is far better when travelled on horseback. Trekking in pioneer style, guides will teach you about the country and region as you become one with horse and nature – a truly captivating experience.

Utah, USA
A list of trekking holidays wouldn't be complete without referencing the Old West, and if you like the idea of long rides across the range, enjoying endless plains, snowy peaks and everything in between, then Utah could be your perfect destination.

Heading to the Bryce Canyon National Park, you will see towering red stone formations blasted into shape by the desert winds, and if you are feeling adventurous you could travel across state borders to Arizona and the classic and amazing Monument Valley.

Horse riding is a lot of fun, but when combined with beautiful surroundings it really is something special. Do your research, get a little experience in the saddle, and you will be ready to enjoy all kinds of adventurous, yet laid-back, experiences.

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