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Activities and Attractions in Berlin
Activities and Attractions in Berlin

Shiny and modern, yet displaying traditional grandeur at every turn; destroyed in the Second World War, yet full of sights and landmarks; Germany’s capital Berlin is a hugely interesting destination that must be explored and understood.

If you are looking for a city break destination that is filled with culture, sights and experiences, but that is also enjoyable to simply stroll through and explore away from the main tourist attractions, Berlin is the one, offering something for every type of traveller.

Cultured Berlin

Berlin certainly has a lot to offer visitors looking for a cultural escape, it is a beautifully artistic city that is home to creatives of every type. For visitors that ...

What to see and do in Riga
What to see and do in Riga

One of the classic Baltic destinations, the Latvian city of Riga appeals to those who appreciate culture, cuisine and everything else that makes a city break great. Discover the city's turbulent history, see its unique architecture, and enjoy Riga's charming, characterful nightlife.

Eclectic Riga
Throughout the ages, Riga has been part of ten countries, and this fractured history has left a lasting mark on the city, its historic centre in particular. From the beautiful medieval buildings crafted when the city was part of the merchant Hanseatic League, to the exquisite Art Nouveau buildings constructed during the nineteenth century.

Behind this elegant exterior, visitors can enjoy modern art ...

What to do and see in Beirut
What to do and see in Beirut

If you love city breaks and enjoy seeing the meeting and mixing of cultures, cuisines and customs, the capital of the tiny Middle Eastern country of Lebanon should certainly be added to your holiday destination wish list.

Once referred to as the 'Paris of the Middle East' in the 1950s and 60s thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, Beirut has reinvented itself after its civil war. Today it is a hive of entrepreneurial, liberal and multicultural people, offering all sorts of nightlife, sightseeing and shopping opportunities.

Fast-paced Beirut
Hot, bustling and completely chaotic, Beirut is a place to visit if you are the kind of person who enjoys exploring a lively destination.

Avenues lined ...

Carnivorous Capitals and Meaty Metropoles
Carnivorous Capitals and Meaty Metropoles

Although it is perfectly possible to sample meat dishes from around the world at home, there is no replacement for travelling to find the freshest and most authentic cuisines a culture has to offer.

We have selected five of our favourite cities around the world for the travelling carnivore that offer far more than a standard burger or steak – some are obvious choices, while others are better suited for more adventurous foodies.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin's reputation for food is odd – it is simultaneously known as both the vegan capital of the world, and a haven for meat lovers.

German cuisine is known for heavily featuring bratwurst (sausage) and schnitzel (a breadcrumbed and fried patty) ...

Destination Guide: Frankfurt, Germany
Destination Guide: Frankfurt, Germany

Sitting in the heart of central Germany, Frankfurt (or as it's known in German, Frankfurt-am-Main) is a vibrant capital for business and finance. It is best known for hosting some of the world's largest tradeshows, however there is a lot more to Frankfurt than plentiful business opportunities, and the city is a great place to explore.

Charming Frankfurt
There's no disputing Frankfurt's iconic skyline. But, sitting at the very heart of the city, you will find the opposite of this modernity – Frankfurt's Altstadt.

Translating literally as 'old town', within Altstadt you will find historic architecture in abundance.
From St. Paul's Church to the Fountain of Justice and the Old Opera House ...

What to do and see in Abu Dhabi
What to do and see in Abu Dhabi

Symbolic of the fast pace of economic and technological change that has been taking place across the Arabian Peninsula over the past twenty years, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the seven kingdoms that make up the United Arab Emirates.

The city has an enormous amount to offer visitors to its crystal-blue shores, from sprawling souks, to world-class attractions and museums, all the way to extraordinarily luxurious hotspots, each built to entertain and enthral the world's high society.

Record-breaking Abu Dhabi
If there is one word that best describes the capital of the UAE, it has to be "unique". This is a city built around the notions of wealth and luxury, and the majority of locations on and ...

What to do and see in Dresden
What to do and see in Dresden

There are few cities in Germany as culturally or architecturally striking as Dresden. Located in the state of Saxony on the banks of the beautiful River Elbe, the city is a marvel, and a place that is perfectly suited to the wants and needs of a wide range of visitors. If you're looking to enjoy an exceptional city break, Dresden is an excellent place to do so.

Elegant Dresden

Despite the heavy damage endured during the bombing of 1945, Dresden's aesthetic beauty has remained – a true testament to the inhabitants' amazing restoration efforts. Across the length and breadth of the city, visitors are met by an exceptional view of the many domes and rooftops that sit atop the elegant baroque ...

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