Atelier Wine Boutique

Atelier Wine Boutique

A spectacular selection of more than 300 wine labels

Wine Boutique

Welcome to our exquisite wine boutique, where passion meets rarity in every bottle. Explore a curated selection of exclusive wines that redefine indulgence. Whether you seek a unique vintage for yourself or a memorable gift, our spectacular rare wine collection promises an unparalleled journey through the world of fine wines. Elevate your senses and savour the extraordinary with each sip, as our carefully crafted selection invites you to experience the artistry of exceptional winemaking. Cheers to moments made extraordinary, one rare bottle at a time.




Wine bar

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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:30


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Tasting Dinner

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Bubblelicious Brunch

Tasting Dinner

All gourmets who wish to immerse themselves in a gastronomic journey and enjoy the most wonderful dishes of the Telegrafas restaurant are kindly invited to a tasting dinner. An exclusive menu for those looking for even more flavours and a memorable evening!