Wine Boutique & Tasting Bar holds a bewildering range of quality wines to select from, with a little guidance from our expert sommelier.

Wine Boutique & Tasting Bar for Every Palate

With special individual service and a spectacular selection of more than 500 wine labels, Wine Boutique & Tasting Bar awaits you in the lobby of Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius. The extensively knowledgeable shopkeeper, a world-class sommelier Martynas Pravilonis will navigate you through the unforgettable journey of incredible tastes. You are cordially invited to relax and enjoy the contemporary atmosphere, combined with refined choices of quality wine and delicious international snacks.




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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:30

Wine Masterclass

Whether you are a true connoisseur or simply appreciate a good glass of wine, you are welcome to experience a wine masterclass from our world-renowned sommelier Martynas Pravilonis. Depending on your preference, you will may choose from four different wine tastings, during which you will not only savour the delicious wines paired with the appropriate delicacies, but also learn about wine production history, styles of wines, food and wine matching, and other captivating topics.


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