Welcome to Vilnius

Welcome to Vilnius

Discover the unique ambience of a rich and colourful city

Explore our beautiful city

Vilnius Old Town is UNESCO-listed because of its “outstanding universal value.” Many of its original architecture is preserved, with beautiful examples of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles all coexisting in a medieval layout that’s splendidly green and alive. 

Getting to most places in Vilnius is just a matter of walking for a few minutes. That’s why locals prefer walking, even though there are many different ways to get around the city. And we must agree with them, because beyond being able to reach every main attraction, walking also give you the chance to discover one of the most secret features of Vilnius – its courtyards. 

More than forty churches tickling the sky with their bell towers and discover street art by famous artists like Millo, Os Gemeos and Tank Petrol, among others – you’re in for a surprise around almost any corner.