Restore the body’s natural equilibrium

Inspired by Kempinski’s cultural heritage, the distinct European seasons central to Kempinski The Spa’s philosophy invoke an understanding in most of us. Whilst winter generates thoughts of hibernation and recuperation, spring may encourage ideas of blooming and growth. 

The treatments are tailored to provide a definite result that suits each guest’s individual needs. Kempinski The Spa is focused on restoring the powerful effect of nature, either by adapting to the outside environment or by restoring inner balance. Kempinski The Spa uses the wisdom of plants, flowers and herbs in all of its treatments, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or autumn. 

Kempinski The Spa creates an exclusive spa experience to travel through the seasons. The treatment starts with a consultation to determine what the guest would like to achieve from the treatment – relaxation, rejuvenation, re-energising, etc. Every “outcome” is assigned to a different season.

Kempinski The Spa’s seasons do not prescribe who the guest is – they identify how the guest would like to feel. Depending on the desired outcome and treatment type, the therapist will adjust the treatment and choose those products best suited to achieve maximum results. Kempinski The Spa uses Elemental Herbology products, which combine high-performance, bioactive ingredients with sophisticated technologies and exquisite plant oils. The products have been developed to counter the skin-damaging effects of ageing, lifestyle and the environment. Through an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts, the nutritionally complete skincare formulations help to improve the health and vitality of the skin. Designed to enhance cell turnover, improve detoxification, protect against environmental aggressors, boost cellular activity and intensively hydrate and repair the skin, the products help to achieve a more radiant complexion every day. Naturally imbued with the exquisite aromas of the bioactive essential oils, the products will transform your daily skincare routine into a sensual, reviving and self-nurturing ritual.