Seasonal Drinks

Seasonal Drinks

Indulge in the flavours of Christmas

Savour the magic of the festive season with our exclusive drink offerings at the Dukes Gastrobar. Elevate your celebrations with a touch of luxury as you enjoy carefully crafted cocktails and mulled wine that perfectly complement the joyous atmosphere.

Mulled Wine - EUR 12
Experience the delight of Mulled Wine, served in our special warm-keeping cups, as you relax in the grandeur of our Grand Lobby or Dukes Gastrobar. Admire the stunning Christmas decorations while enjoying this cosy and special time with your family and friends. Each cup of mulled wine is thoughtfully served at your table and is perfect for sharing between two people. It is the ideal way to spend a warm and special moment together during the festive season.

Blackcurrant Fizz - EUR 17
Embrace the allure of winter evenings as you indulge in a sweet and sour symphony. The flute-style goblet, adorned in glittering gold, blend of blackcurrant gin, cassis liqueur, citrus, and Phillipponnat champagne, radiating warming amber hues and evoking distant memories with every sip. 

Winter Blazer - EUR 20
Indulge in the festive spirit with our Winter Blazer cocktail made with espresso, whiskey, ancho reyes liqueur, beer-cinnamon syrup, and cream, all served in an Irish coffee cup. Witness the magic of Christmas unfold while you savour it and enjoy the Cathedral Square view. A warm, sweet, and spicy treat that echoes the comforting essence of Irish coffee, perfect for the holiday season. 

Gingerbread Alexander - EUR 15
Celebrate the festive season with this luxurious Christmas cocktail. It blends sweet rum, creamy notes, and cocoa liqueur, with a gingerbread syrup twist. Served in a cinnamon-dusted martini glass with a gingerbread man, it is a taste of Christmas. This creamy, spiced dessert cocktail, captures the essence of Christmas, ideal for cosy evenings by the fire together with your loved one.

Would you like to taste all these festive cocktails? Embark on a delightful journey of flavour with our Seasonal Cocktail Tasting experience and savour all three of our specially crafted holiday drinks prepared next to your table!

The price of the Seasonal Cocktail Tasting per person - EUR 45

Book a Seasonal Cocktail Tasting in advance via phone +370 522 01 600 or email [email protected]

Cheers to the magic of the festive season!