Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Experience "Farm-to-table" & "Sea-to-table"

Cabrits Market

Providing an ambience of vibrant colors and flavors that are indicative of a traditional Creole market.

Dress codeSmart casual
Kwéyòl Beach Café

Your invitation to dine and unwind to the calming sounds of warm ocean breezes.

StyleAll-day dining
Dress codeCasual
Rumfire Bar

Offering large collection of “Barmacy” drinks – local medicinal mixtures of Dominica rum, local herbs, spices and fruits.

CuisineBar snacks
Dress codeCasual

Signature restaurant that offers a menu boasting some of the most popular culinary choices from Asia. Reserved for private events.

StyleFine dining
CuisineAsian fusion
Dress codeSmart Casual
Swim-Up Bar

Stay refreshed by the pool with a diverse menu of refreshments and drinks.

StylePool bar
CuisineBar snacks
Dress codeSwimwear