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Activities and Attractions In St. Moritz
Activities and Attractions In St. Moritz

The jewel in the crown of Switzerland’s world-renowned ski resorts, St. Moritz is said to have been the resort that started alpine tourism in 1864 and has twice hosted the Winter Olympic Games. It is a place where any lover of winter sports should visit at least once, and with beautiful scenery, a rich culture and emphasis on luxury, it also graciously welcomes travellers who have slightly less enthusiasm for sport!

Stunning St. Moritz

One of the alpine destination’s most striking aspects is its location: the Upper Engadine, a section of the dizzyingly beautiful Engadine valley that tracks the Inn River. The natural wonder is a fantastic place to visit, with the bright blue Lake St ...

Harvest Festivals Around The Globe
Harvest Festivals Around The Globe

Countless countries and cultures around the world celebrate traditional times of harvest, and these take on a variety of forms. Whether they focus on the ripening of the first crops at the start of the harvest season or give thanks for a productive harvest before winter draws in, they are a time to eat well and be merry – here are some of the most interesting.

Rice Harvest Festival

In Bali, Indonesia, harvest celebrations focus on the country’s staple crop. Commemorated in May and June following New Year, towns and villages across the country are decorated with an array of colourful flags as people pay their respects to Dewi Sri, the rice goddess.

Townspeople place effigies and bamboo ...

What To Do And See In Kitzbuehel
What To Do And See In Kitzbuehel

Kitzbühel is one of Austria’s most famous skiing destinations, but there is much more to this historic mountain town than winter sports. From gourmet food to astounding landscapes, come and fall in love with the Austrian alps.

Scenic Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel’s unique position in the Austrian alps, on the banks of the river Kitzbüheler Ache, has made it a popular winter sports destination for many decades. This charming medieval town, the centre of which is almost completely pedestrianised, offers breathtaking mountain views in every direction

While skiing is the main event during the winter season, with over 170km of slopes in the local area, it is also a much-loved spot for hikers and ...

Top Five Cities for Lovers of Literature
Top Five Cities for Lovers of Literature

Setting the imagination free, and enabling many to escape to a completely different world, reading is one of life's greatest joys. And for those who adore literature, there is nothing quite as magical as visiting the location your favourite book was set in, or heading into the café where an admired author began their first novel.

Whether you are a lover of Dickens, a fan of Tolstoy or a dedicated reader of Frost, you are sure to be captivated by our top five cities for lovers of literature. Take a look, and don't forget to add them to your bucket list!


England's capital, London, is a true haven for those who love literature. Not only has the city been called home by some of ...

Celebrating… Halloween
Celebrating… Halloween

As October draws to an end, people all around the world are preparing for Halloween. Known as All Hallows' Eve and All Saints' Eve to some, this celebration of the dead is observed across the world on October 31st of every year.

The history of Halloween

The true origin of Halloween is largely debated, and while it has become somewhat of a commercialised event, it was once known in the Christian calendar for marking the evening before All Hallows' Day (a feast held in the honour of all saints).

Many people believe multiple Halloween traditions also have pagan roots, inspired by Celtic harvest festivals like Samhain. Samhain was always celebrated on October 31st, marking the start of ...

The Benefits of Frequent Flyer Programmes
The Benefits of Frequent Flyer Programmes

If you are a regular traveller, you may be looking to try and cut down on costs. While certain strategies such as purchasing plane tickets during sale periods, or purchasing according to inter-month price differences can each have a positive effect on your airfare expenditure, it is also worth remembering frequent flyer programmes. Not convinced? Here’s why airline loyalty programmes are worth your time.

Earn miles everywhere

Most frequent flyer programmes work on a basis of miles, whereby passengers earn amounts of points that correspond to the distance travelled or amount spent. While the most common way is to earn these when you are flying with the particular airline, lots of ...

What To See And Do In Bansko
What To See And Do In Bansko

If you are looking for an alternative European skiing destination, Bansko is the perfect place to visit. Not only is it one of Eastern Europe’s premier ski resorts, it is also a great town to explore. Bansko has a rich history, lots of traditional Bulgarian restaurants and a selection of spas to help you relax after a day on the slopes.

Bansko has something for everyone and you don’t need to be a winter sports enthusiast to enjoy your time here. The service and experiences available to you rival those of the more popular Alpine destinations. Read our guide below on how to make the most of your time visiting this delightful town.

Unspoilt Bansko

Due to the spectacular mountains of the ...

Architectural icons at Kempinski: If buildings could talk…
Architectural icons at Kempinski: If buildings could talk…

From sultans’ palaces to Art Nouveau through Bauhaus and Secession to the top of modern architecture, there is an impressive variety of architectural styles to be discovered when staying at Kempinski Hotels around the globe. Pioneers in their destination, the hotel buildings allow guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and history while experiencing a traditional sense of luxury and excellence. It is by maintaining the hotel’s identity that Kempinski strives to create in each stay a distinctive memory. While Berthold Kempinski, the famous founder of Kempinski Hotels, has left his own legacy that has now lasted 120 years, each of the 76 properties has an individual story to tell ...

Autumn Walks Around Southern Europe
Autumn Walks Around Southern Europe

If you are thinking of visiting one of the many beautiful destinations in southern Europe but you do not enjoy the hotter summer temperatures in places like Greece, Italy or Spain, autumn can be one of the best times to visit. This is a time when southern locations offer the pleasant activities of walking and hiking – something that can often be overlooked during the summer months.

To help you narrow your search for the perfect destination, here are some of the most enjoyable southern European walking routes.

Camino de Santiago

An ancient pilgrimage route to the Cathedral at Santiago and its shrine to the apostle St. James the Great, Camino de Santiago is a popular walking route ...

What to see and do in Shenyang
What to see and do in Shenyang

Once the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, and now the largest city in Northeast China, Shenyang gracefully combines ancient history with modern day living. While its centre is a busy and, flourishing metropolis, the outskirts are where historic ruins, relics and sites that echo tales of times gone by can be found. ¬¬

Whatever your reason for visiting Shenyang, you are sure to find yourself captivated by this fast-paced, diverse city.

Unforgettable Shenyang

Home to over eight million people and split into ten city districts, one satellite city and two rural counties, there is so much to see and do in Shenyang. At the heart of the city you will find the Shenhe District, which offers visitors ...

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