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Five exotic Christmas dishes from across the world
Five exotic Christmas dishes from across the world

Christmas is all about relaxing and indulging, but for many of us, the holiday season is not about the presents, but instead it is the time to enjoy all kinds of delicious and extravagant, culinary creations.

Indeed, our fondness for all things festive-food-related is world-wide – here are some of the more interesting Christmas dishes you can find from across the world.

Lampreia de Ovos
A traditional dish from Portugal, Lampreia de Ovos is a sweet cake that features rich egg yolks, cherries, almonds and icing alongside a delicious amount of caramel. Often the centrepiece of a table, the cake is formed into the shape of a lamprey (an eel-like fish), making for a delightfully festive dessert ...

Explore the isolated Mongolian Steppe
Explore the isolated Mongolian Steppe

There are only a tiny number of places on earth where explorers can enjoy an escape that is visited by so few people at any single time.

Covering just over 340,000 square miles, the Mongolian Steppe, otherwise referred to as the Mongolian-Manchurian Steppe, is an immense stretch of grassland that dominates the Inner Mongolian landscape.

An isolated, semi-circular expanse that is located in between the forests of Siberia and the harsh terrain of the Gobi Desert, the Mongolian Steppe is popularly depicted by lone Mongol horses and seemingly endless greenery.

The Mongolian Steppe is a barren and freezing yet beautiful landscape during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean visits to the ...

What to do and see in Chengdu
What to do and see in Chengdu

Located on the edge of the Red Basin in China's Sichuan Province is Chengdu, one of China's most captivating cities. Home to 14 million people, it is as large as any other Chinese city, but features all sorts of enjoyable sights and experiences that you won't find anywhere else in the nation.

Welcoming Chengdu
From giant pandas, to picturesque tea shops, to the surprisingly electric nightlife, Chengdu has many attractions that set it apart from the other cities on China's eastern seaboard. It is a more laid back city than Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou, and any visitors who have spent time in China's big cities will likely find this a pleasant change – people smile more, work less and there ...

Magnificent Caves and Caverns
Magnificent Caves and Caverns

We may think that most of the world's most amazing natural sights exist here on the surface of earth, however there are all sorts of natural wonders located beneath our feet.

Here are some of the world's most incredible underground locations, which are sure to delight everyone.

Cave of the Crystals, Chihuahua, Mexico
Located in a remote corner of northern Mexico, Cueva de los Cristales is a mesmerising place.

Discovered by miners drilling nearly 300m below the surface in 2000, the cave is home to hundreds of gigantic crystals, criss-crossing diagonally throughout the enormous, extremely humid, 58C space.

The largest crystal is some 12m in length, and the smallest look like flakes of frost ...

The Benefits of Hotel Loyalty Programmes
The Benefits of Hotel Loyalty Programmes

For those of us who love going on holiday, it can sometimes be a little difficult to justify the expense of jetting off to another faraway destination after you have only just walked through the arrivals gate! Thankfully however, travel-lovers who want to cut back on the cost of their next holiday can easily do so – all thanks to hotel loyalty programmes. Yet, there is more to these types of membership than reductions in room rates…

The best benefits
While some hotels might charge you to access the internet, enjoy beverages in your room or to receive a morning newspaper, membership to a loyalty programme will usually offer a broad range of services and amenities for free, saving you time ...

Celebrating Advent
Celebrating Advent

Many countries and nations across the world celebrate the Christian occasion of Advent. More recently the trend has been for much of Western Europe to mark Advent with a calendar full of treats - typically chocolate - that spans from the 1st through to the 24th of December. However, the traditional Christian celebration of Advent is observed a little differently.

The period of advent is considered a holy celebration as Christians await the birth of Jesus. It gives Christians time to reflect on the miracle they believe Jesus' birth to be, and to take comfort in the light of hope this season offers them.

The period is marked differently depending on which denomination of Christianity is ...

What to do and see in Estepona
What to do and see in Estepona

The Costa del Sol is one of Europe's most popular destinations for sun, sea and sand, and while large stretches of the coast are known for mass tourism, there are still lots of places to be found where the character and charm of the area still shine through. One of these is Estepona, the region's most westerly resort.

Atmospheric Estepona
Estepona still has all of the big beaches, palm-lined promenades and marina-side cafes like other destinations on the Costa del Sol, however the town has an atmosphere that is unique, particularly in its old town. Here, quiet cobbled streets, bright and colourful shopping boulevards and characterful independent restaurants and bars all wait to be explored – ...

Kempinski by the Lakeside
Kempinski by the Lakeside

Some of the world's most beautiful places are by the lakeside, with crystal-clear waters and stunning panoramas, they make a great destination for a vacation. For guests of Kempinski Hotels there are a number of locations where these natural landscapes are close by – here are some of our favourites.

The Königssee, Germany
With calm, clear waters, lined by steep mountains that are covered in forest, the Königssee is a perfect example of a beautiful alpine lake. Only a short distance away from Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden, guests staying here can take the 20 minute drive to the edge of the lake, to enjoy a relaxed walk along the shore or a boat tour of the lake to take in the amazing ...

Celebrating the Lamu Cultural Festival
Celebrating the Lamu Cultural Festival

Located right on the coast of Kenya is the island of Lamu, a pretty island that is home to one of the most ancient, perfectly preserved Swahili settlements in the entire East African region.

700 years old, Lamu Old Town is the product of a history marked by international trade, and throughout the centuries Swahili, Arab, Indian, Persian and European traders have all visited the city, putting their particular cultural and architectural style on the winding avenues and clustered districts that make up the town. Around every corner is another interesting structure, the majority of which are still in use.

For visitors wanting to experience the best the city has to offer, every year the town ...

Celebrating… the Yi Peng Festival
Celebrating… the Yi Peng Festival

Usually taking place in the shorter months, the world's many festivals of light are a beautiful way to celebrate brightness and bring a little warmth into revellers' hearts. These goals are just as important in Thailand's Yi Peng Festival, which takes place in Chiang Mai on the second month of the Lanna calendar. In 2016 it will occur between the 14th and 15th of November.

A feast of light and warmth, this special event has a lot to offer visitors – here is why you should attend.

Ceremonial beginnings
The Yi Peng Festival is almost exclusively a northern Thai event, taking place within the historic Lanna Kingdom that existed between the late 13th century and 1557. The capital of this ...

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