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What to do and see in Berchtesgaden, Germany
What to do and see in Berchtesgaden, Germany

Up in the magnificent mountains of the Bavarian Alps you will find historic Berchtesgaden, a haven for guests who wish to relax, unwind and surround themselves with tranquil alpine beauty.

Situated on the Austrian border, this German town is an ideal destination for those who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With the vast majority of the town left untouched, nature lovers can explore the impressive surroundings at their pleasure. The highest mountain residing completely in Germany, the Watzmann presents visitors a challenge many are eager to take on.

Beautiful Berchtesgaden
With an endless variety of historic, cultural and natural attractions, Berchtesgaden welcomes ...

Spring traditions of the world
Spring traditions of the world

Throughout the ages, spring has been seen as a time of renewal, new life and energy - the perfect contrast to the cold winter. It is because of this that cultures all across the world have, over time, attached all sorts of traditions to spring, read on to find out some of our favourites.

Celebrated by Hindus, Holi (also known as the Festival of Colour) takes place at the end of winter each year – in 2017 it falls on March 12th. Across the world, but particularly in India and Nepal, crowds of people come together to celebrate fertility, love and all things good.

The festival begins the night before with the event of Holika Dahan, when wood and dung are burnt on huge bonfires to ...

Explore the mystical mountains of High Tatras
Explore the mystical mountains of High Tatras

There are very few places quite as breath taking as Slovakia's most famous mountain range, the High Tatras. Majestic, serene and vast, the area stretches across the northern part of Slovakia and edges into Poland. A popular location for hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and those who wish to escape to a virtually untouched landscape, the High Tatras has exceptional beauty at every turn.

A visit to the High Tatras often begins at Vysoké Tatry, the town located at the foot of the mountain range. Located in Slovakia, the town actually comprises 14 settlements which were once individual villages. A truly enchanting place, it is unsurprising that Vysoké Tatry is home to a collection of the area's

Romantic Mountain Hideaways
Romantic Mountain Hideaways

There is nothing more romantic than a retreat to the mountains, and options are plentiful for guests of Kempinski. Wake up every morning to breath-taking views of striking mountains, snow topped trees, and your loved one, sleeping close by your side. Take a look at some of our favourite locations below, each of which makes for the perfect romantic getaway.

St Moritz, Switzerland
An alpine haven found deep in the Engadin valley, a visit to the famous resort of St Moritz is the perfect way to enjoy privacy in style. Located in the Albula Alps, the Swiss resort overlooks Lake St Moritz. With tranquil waters, and magnificent mountains surrounding the resort, guests of Kempinski Grand Hôtel de ...

Celebrating Shrove Tuesday Across The World
Celebrating Shrove Tuesday Across The World

One of the most important dates in the Christian calendar, Shrove Tuesday takes place on the first Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – February 28th in 2017. The celebration, whereby Christians indulge before the period of Lent, is known by many names, including Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras and Fastelavn, and is celebrated in a variety of ways, all across the world.

Wild Mardi Gras

The customs surrounding the French incarnation of Shrove Tuesday are particularly joyful, due to the parades, concerts and carnivals that take place throughout the country. Nice, in particular, is well known for its ten exciting days of celebrations, where floats are paraded through the streets, revellers ...

Yuan Xiao Jie: China alight
Yuan Xiao Jie: China alight

For over 2,200 years, people in China have said goodbye to the exciting Spring Festival with a celebration full of bright lights, colours and festivities known as Yuan Xiao Jie - translating to English as The Lantern Festival.

Taking place on February 11th in 2017, it is one of the most important dates in the Chinese calendar, and if you missed the main Chinese New Year celebrations or want to experience another part of traditional oriental culture, there are plenty of great reasons to attend.

A respected history
The Lantern Festival dates back to the Han Dynasty, which ruled China between 206 BC and 220 AD. Buddhism was growing popular in China during this time and the ruling class ...

What to do and see in Beirut
What to do and see in Beirut

If you love city breaks and enjoy seeing the meeting and mixing of cultures, cuisines and customs, the capital of the tiny Middle Eastern country of Lebanon should certainly be added to your holiday destination wish list.

Once referred to as the 'Paris of the Middle East' in the 1950s and 60s thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, Beirut has reinvented itself after its civil war. Today it is a hive of entrepreneurial, liberal and multicultural people, offering all sorts of nightlife, sightseeing and shopping opportunities.

Fast-paced Beirut
Hot, bustling and completely chaotic, Beirut is a place to visit if you are the kind of person who enjoys exploring a lively destination.

Avenues lined ...

Scorching Winter Escapes
Scorching Winter Escapes

There are lots of travellers who adore the snowy landscapes and extreme sports that the winter brings, however there are plenty of others that want to escape the freezing temperatures with a trip to a destination full of long days, high temperatures and everything else great about summer.


Enjoying an increase in tourism following the improvement in relations with the US, the Caribbean island of Cuba has much to offer winter travellers. Alongside the lively culture, beautiful Hispanic architecture and delicious cuisine of the capital Havana, there is much to be found in the way of beaches, scuba diving hotspots and tours through the nation's leafy interior. Stay in the heart of ...

What to do and see in Shenzhen
What to do and see in Shenzhen

A centre of wealth, opportunity and diversity, Shenzhen perfectly encapsulates the remarkable, relentless development experienced throughout China over the past few decades. The city's towering skyscrapers, busy markets, exciting theme parks and constantly developing cultural and entertainment scene make it a great place to visit for those that want to come face to face with a bolder, more modern China that doesn't conform to the traditional image.

Energetic Shenzhen
Home to over 10 million people from throughout China, located close to Hong Kong and a base for all kinds of industrial and commercial activities, Shenzhen has a character unlike the interior of China.

Firstly, due to the ...

A Regional Guide to Chinese New Year
A Regional Guide to Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year on the horizon, most people are aware of the celebrations surrounding the celebration – fireworks, decorations and red letter gifts. Given China's size, history and culture however, there are all sorts of local traditions that go beyond the national festivities.

Taking place over the 27th and 28th of January (although the celebrations stretch between late January and early February), here are some of the country's most fascinating Spring Festival celebrations.

Beijing temple fairs
Traditional Beijing New Year's parties take place in the capital's many parks, palaces and temple complexes. At these cherished places, thousands gather to enjoy folk music, magic acts ...

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