Portrait St. Moritz

Portrait St. Moritz

Beautiful Alpine lake scenery, fantastic restaurants, a vibrant culture – what more could you want from a holiday destination? 

A Portrait of St. Moritz

Holiday on Top of the World

Nestled within an idyllic Alpine landscape, St. Moritz enchants with its captivating natural beauty, world-class dining and vibrant culture. This stunning destination is bathed in sunshine for an average of 322 days a year, earning it the fond moniker of the sunniest spot in Switzerland.

The origins of St. Moritz trace back to its prominence as a spa town, drawing visitors from afar to experience the rejuvenating properties of its therapeutic waters. However, it was the irresistible allure of its breathtaking snow-clad landscapes and the advent of skiing and snowboarding that truly put St. Moritz on the world map.

The tale of St. Moritz's ascension to a global winter tourism destination began more than 150 years ago, in 1864. An ingenious hotelier dared his summer guests to return in winter, promising to cover their travel costs if they didn't find the town equally enchanting. This daring bet paid off, and the first Swiss tourist office opened its doors in St. Moritz, marking the birth of a new era for the winter tourism industry.

The evolution of winter sports

The evolution of winter sports in St. Moritz unfolded with the creation of the Cresta Run in 1884, masterminded by Major Bulpett. This iconic ice skeleton racing toboggan track paved the way for the establishment of the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club, birthing the notion of winter sports as we know them today.

Gaining recognition for its exhilarating winters and world-class facilities, St. Moritz was chosen as the venue for the Winter Olympics not once but twice, in 1928 and 1948. Over the years, the town continued to assert its dominance as a winter sports destination, hosting a plethora of international skiing and bobsled championships.

Winter in St. Moritz is a symphony of excitement and exhilaration. The thrill of downhill and Nordic skiing, the adrenaline rush of bobsleigh runs, the time-honoured tradition of the Cresta Run, and engaging curling tournaments ignite the town in a spirit of winter wonder. Complementing this sportive spirit are vibrant music festivals and a culinary scene boasting some of the finest restaurants in Switzerland.

For generations, St. Moritz has embodied the essence of high-quality leisure, crafting unforgettable experiences against the backdrop of majestic Alpine panoramas. As you delve into the narrative of St. Moritz, you're not just learning a tale of a town – you're exploring the evolution of winter tourism itself.

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Cultural richness

A unique fusion of natural splendour, cultural richness and sportive vibrancy, this picturesque Alpine town extends an irresistible allure to visitors worldwide.

St. Moritz's multifaceted character is encapsulated in its luxurious lifestyle. It's an exclusive destination where high-end fashion boutiques, renowned art galleries, Michelin-starred restaurants and prestigious international events seamlessly blend with the tranquillity of nature. Pulsating with glamour, the town's iconic streets, such as Via Serlas, host world-famous designer boutiques, making it a veritable paradise for fashion enthusiasts.

Yet, St. Moritz's appeal goes beyond its glittering façade. Its rich tapestry of cultural heritage weaves a fascinating narrative. From enchanting local customs, such as the Schlitteda Festival and Chalandamarz, to its distinctive architectural splendours, like the historic Leaning Tower and the futuristic Norman Foster-designed Chesa Futura, St. Moritz is a living museum of art and culture.

As an art hub, St. Moritz is home to the celebrated Forum Paracelsus, which hosts the St. Moritz Art Masters and a myriad of other cultural events. The city also houses various prominent art galleries and the iconic Segantini Museum dedicated to the famous 19th-century painter Giovanni Segantini.

Sports haven and epicurean gastronomy

No portrait of St. Moritz would be complete without acknowledging its status as a sports haven. Beyond the world-class skiing and snowboarding, the town offers a plethora of unique experiences, from the thrilling Cresta Run and horse races on the frozen lake to serene winter hiking trails and cross-country skiing paths. Summer unveils a different facet of its sports personality with stunning golf courses, over 400km of biking trails and enthralling mountain climbing adventures.

Moreover, St. Moritz's gastronomy is an experience in itself. Culinary aficionados can embark on an epicurean journey sampling the local Engadiner Nusstorte, savouring the creations of star-rated chefs or exploring the world's largest whiskey bar.


St. Moritz isn't just a town; it's an epitome of the finer things in life. Its enchanting landscapes, diverse cultural facets and ceaseless vibrancy have established it as a destination par excellence, embodying an unmatched sense of exclusivity and elegance.

Fully immersed in the Portrait of St. Moritz, let us officially welcome you to our world. Here, the magic of the mountains, lakes, and forests combines with the allure of luxury, culture, and adventure, inviting you to explore all facets of this extraordinary destination.

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