Lakes in Saint Moritz

Lakes in Saint Moritz

Embark on a breathtaking journey to the heart of the Swiss Alps with our exclusive guide to the Lakes of St. Moritz. Experience the mesmerising colours of Lake St. Moritz, the rich aquatic life of Lake Silvaplana, and the serene beauty of Lej da Staz. Uncover the secrets of their historical significance and join us in preserving these natural treasures for future generations.

Welcome to St. Moritz, one of the most splendid locales in the Swiss Alps, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and exclusive lifestyle. Nestled in this pristine environment, the lakes surrounding St. Moritz are a true treasury of nature's splendour. These bodies of water are not only a haven for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity but also a fascinating study of nature itself. In this article, we will delve into the unique characteristics of the lakes around St. Moritz – from their mesmerising colours to their rich fish populations and the woven tales of their historical significance.


The Lakes

Descriptions of Lakes Around St. Moritz

Lake St. Moritz

Location: Centrally located within the town of St. Moritz.
Size: Approximately 0.78 square kilometres.
Depth: Around 45 metres.
Activities: Ideal for leisurely boat rides and swimming, though the water can be a bit chilly.
Features: Easily accessible and offers picturesque views of the surrounding Alps, making it popular for picnics and casual strolls.

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Concierge Tip: 
Enjoy an early morning walk around the lake to experience the tranquil atmosphere and radiant sunrise over the Alps, followed by a breakfast picnic with freshly baked pastries from a local bakery.


Lake Silvaplana

Location: Situated 6 kilometres southwest of St. Moritz.
Size: Covers an area of 2.7 square kilometres.
Depth: Reaches up to 77 metres.
Activities: Renowned for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the steady Maloja wind.
Features: Offers a vibrant water sports scene.

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Concierge Tip: 
For the ultimate wind-powered adventure, schedule a kitesurfing lesson in the afternoon when the Maloja wind is at its strongest. Finish your day with a lakeside barbecue at one of the designated public grilling spots.


Lake Sils

Location: Located approximately 10 kilometres from St. Moritz.
Size: The largest lake in the Engadin, spanning 4.1 square kilometres.
Depth: About 71 metres.
Activities: Suitable for sailing and windsurfing, with less emphasis on swimming due to its depth and colder temperatures.
Features: Known for its serene and expansive waters.

Local attraction, Local Attraction, Local Area, Off-Site

Concierge Tip: 
Take a guided boat tour to explore the hidden coves of Lake Sils, or hire a paddle boat for a relaxing afternoon on the water. Don’t miss the historic Nietzsche House nearby, where the philosopher spent several summers.

Lake Champfèr

Location: Just 3 kilometres from St. Moritz.
Size: Measures 0.51 square kilometres.
Depth: Around 40 metres.
Activities: Ideal for kayaking, canoeing, and swimming.
Features: Quieter and more secluded.

Local attraction, Local Attraction, Local Area, Off-Site

Concierge Tip: 
Hire a canoe early in the morning to enjoy the calm and misty atmosphere of the lake. Keep an eye out for the diverse birdlife, especially at dawn.


Lej da Staz (Lake Staz)

Location: About 2 kilometres from St. Moritz.
Size: Smaller than the other lakes, offering a more intimate setting.
Depth: Approximately 15 metres.
Activities: Popular for swimming and sunbathing.
Features: Surrounded by dense forest.

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Concierge Tip: 
Plan a late afternoon visit to Lej da Staz for a peaceful swim followed by a sunset viewing. The forest around the lake has several hidden spots perfect for a romantic evening or a quiet reflective moment.

Our aim is to heighten awareness of the natural beauties of this region and provide insights that will inspire you to learn more about these fascinating places. The lakes around St. Moritz, including Lake St. Moritz, Lake Silvaplana, Lake Sils, and smaller yet equally enchanting bodies like Lake Champfèr, Lake Hahnensee, and Lej da Staz, are jewels in the landscape, whose stories and secrets are well worth exploring.

Join us on a journey that will invigorate the senses and spark curiosity as we uncover the hidden wonders of these alpine paradises.


The Fascination of the Lakes’ Colours

One of the most remarkable features of the lakes in the St. Moritz region is their incredible variety of colours. Have you ever wondered why these waters display such a range of hues? The answer lies in a combination of natural minerals and the unique way in which light is reflected off these surfaces.

Lake St. Moritz, for instance, enchants with its deep, clear blue that seems almost surreal on sunny days. This intense blue is primarily due to the purity of the water and the reflection of the sky. In contrast, Lake Silvaplana often presents a fascinating green, influenced by the sediments and algae in the water, which scatter the light in a special way.

Lake Sils, the largest of the region's lakes, offers a further shade: a deep, sometimes almost mystical dark blue. This colour is particularly intense in the early morning hours or when the lake is enveloped by light mists that alter the perception of colour.

These colour displays are not only a visual spectacle but also a sign of the ecological health of the lakes. Clear, vibrant colours often indicate clean, nutrient-poor water, while murkier tones may suggest higher nutrient levels and possibly human impacts.

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Fish Populations and Biodiversity

The lakes around St. Moritz are known not only for their beauty but also for their rich fish populations. These waters host a variety of fish species that are significant both ecologically and for local fisheries. Lake Silvaplana and Lake Sils, for example, are homes to species like the Arctic char and the lake trout, whose populations are carefully managed to ensure sustainable use.

These lakes offer ideal conditions for aquatic life, thanks to the cool, oxygen-rich waters and diverse habitats ranging from shallow shores to deep, open waters. Protecting this biodiversity is a central concern for the region, with local and national organisations collaborating to preserve natural habitats and raise awareness.

Historical Significance of the Lakes

Each lake has its own story, often stretching back to prehistoric times and shaped over the centuries by the local people. Lej da Staz, for example, is steeped in history. Originally a marshland before being dammed in the late 19th century, it has become a beloved spot for nature lovers and a testament to human impact on natural landscapes. Its serene environment makes it a popular destination for those seeking peace away from the bustling tourist spots.

Leisure Activities and Conservation

Beyond their natural beauty and historical significance, the lakes around St. Moritz offer a wealth of recreational opportunities that attract visitors worldwide. Whether it's sailing on Lake Silvaplana, favoured for its stable wind conditions, or enjoying peaceful walks around the tranquil Lake Hahnensee, there is something for everyone.

At the same time, conservation in these areas is of utmost importance. Projects to protect shorelines and clean the waters are crucial to maintaining the ecological integrity of the lakes. Educational programmes that teach visitors the importance of sustainable interaction with these natural resources are also an integral part of conservation strategies.

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The lakes around St. Moritz are more than just bodies of water; they are vibrant ecosystems, historical sites, and centres of community life. Their colours, rich biodiversity, and deep-rooted stories invite everyone to delve deeper into the wonders of this landscape.

We encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit these extraordinary places to actively contribute to their protection. Whether by participating in clean-up efforts, supporting local conservation initiatives, or simply by respecting the natural environment during your visit, every action counts.

Discover the lakes of St. Moritz and experience firsthand why they are worth protecting and admiring. Their unique beauty and historical significance make them true gems of nature – treasures that we must preserve.

From the serenity of lakes to the whispering peace of forests, St. Moritz invites you to explore its lush woodlands. 
Enjoy the soothing calm of nature walks and the hidden beauty of our forests.