Hiking Paradise St. Moritz: Discoveries with Every Step

Hiking Paradise St. Moritz: Discoveries with Every Step

St. Moritz is not just a winter wonderland; its summer trails lead through idyllic paths by lakes and mountains filled with cultural gems and breathtaking vistas.

St. Moritz, a jewel in the Swiss Alps, opens its doors in summer to a hiking paradise unparalleled in its kind. From idyllic paths along crystal-clear lakes to cultural discoveries high in the mountains, the region offers unique trails for every taste. The hikes around Corviglia and Muottas Muragl are particularly noteworthy, impressing not just with their natural beauty but also with their cultural and artistic highlights.

Hikes around Corviglia

Lej Alv Reservoir Hike
The Lej Alv, a natural water reservoir above the Marguns mountain station, is a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers. In summer, its tranquil beauty, surrounded by the majestic mountain scenery of St. Moritz, reveals itself. The lake plays an important role in the sustainable snowmaking efforts in the ski areas, saving the annual electricity consumption of around 400 households.

Heidi's Flower Trail
Heidi's Flower Trail is a must-visit for botanists and flower enthusiasts alike. On this kilometre-long themed trail from Chantarella to the Heidi Hut, plant lovers will be thrilled. Over 200 different Alpine plants, many of them protected species, are arranged in beautiful, numbered flower islands. A brochure provides all the necessary information, while the wonderful scenery— with its forests of Swiss stone pine and varied flora—serves as the perfect backdrop.

Schellenursli Trail
Embark on a journey following the story of Schellenursli from Salastrains to St. Moritz village. The trail narrates the story through pictures and wood carvings and takes about 45 minutes to complete. The scenery along the way is enchanting, as one might expect from a trail dedicated to such a delightful story.

Hikes around Muottas Muragl

For a unique blend of nature and culture, explore the Philosophers’ Trail on Muottas Muragl. It’s not just a hike; it’s a journey through wisdom and beauty.

Art at 2,456 Metres
Discover unique sculptures by five Swiss artists on an extended walk along the ‘Senda d'Inspiraziun’ art trail, situated just above the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl.

Bernina Glaciers Artwork
Take a seat in the ‘Bernina Glaciers’ sculpture, crafted from Engadin Swiss stone pine, and enjoy a short break by admiring one of the most spectacular mountain panoramas of the Alps—the Bernina Range.

Ils Trais Piz
The ‘Ils Trais Piz’ mountain viewer, made from Corten Steel, helps you remember the names of the region's famous peaks, including the ice and snow-covered Bianco ridge of the Piz Bernina.

Sine Sole Sileo
At this altitude, the power of the sun plays a central role. The ‘Sine Sole Sileo’, meaning ‘without sun I am silent’, has stood on this very mountain since 2011 and is the world's most accurate sundial, showing the precise time within 10 seconds.

This iron sculpture was a gift from the municipality of Samedan to Engadin St. Moritz Mountains to mark the 100th anniversary of the Muottas Muragl funicular railway, symbolising the extraordinary pioneering spirit that led to the construction of Grison’s first tourist scenic railway.

Il Guot
This unique sculpture symbolises water in all its various forms, from rain to ice to snow, and stands as a testament to the natural beauty and importance of water in the Alpine landscape.

Summer Philosophers' Trail – Muottas Muragl
Find inspiration in the witty quotes of renowned personalities along the Muottas Muragl Summer-Philosophers' Trail. This popular path is now open for summer, inviting you to explore a new route while pondering insightful thoughts and inspirations.

Muottas Muragl Panorama Trail
This trail offers a unique hiking experience, combining the scenic ride up the mountain in a picturesque funicular, the fabulous views across the Engadin’s lake-strewn plateau to the Bernina Massif, and finally, an enchanting panorama trail winding through pine forests, all while providing constant mountain views of the magnificent Bernina Range.

Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous

St. Moritz and its surrounding mountains offer a true hiking paradise that shines in full glory during the summer months. Whether you are looking for an easy hike rich in cultural and botanical discoveries or a more challenging trek offering breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, the region around St. Moritz has something for every hiking enthusiast. The carefully laid-out trails lead through diverse landscapes, from flower-rich Alpine meadows to quiet forests and high Alpine peaks, providing unforgettable experiences in nature.

While the serene beauty of St. Moritz’s hiking trails captivates every nature enthusiast, the region also caters perfectly to those seeking a more dynamic pace. Transitioning from hiking to trail running opens up a world where the alpine landscapes can be experienced with even greater intensity through the vigour and energy of running. Here, where the trails challenge both endurance and spirit, trail runners find the perfect terrain to test their limits while constantly being accompanied by breathtaking panoramas.

With its idyllic paths that pass historic and artistic sites, St. Moritz offers a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural enrichment. The opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Schellenursli, admire the precision of the world's most accurate sundial, or sit in an artwork overlooking the Bernina Range makes every hike in the region a special experience.

From the tranquility of hiking to the exhilaration of mountain biking, St. Moritz offers paths that thrill every adventurer. Gear up for rides that blend challenge with unmatched scenic beauty.