Trail Running Adventures

Trail Running Adventures

Embrace the challenge of trail running in the stunning landscapes of St. Moritz, where every path promises high-altitude thrills and spectacular mountain views.

Embrace the exhilaration of trail running amidst the magnificent mountain world of St. Moritz, where lush Alpine meadows and impressive stone landscapes await. The peaks of Corviglia and Muottas Muragl offer not just breathtaking views but a runner’s paradise with diverse trail running routes. Whether you are looking to improve your altitude training or searching for your next big running challenge, these trails offer something for every enthusiast.

Don’t miss the Piz Nair Vertical Run for a true test of endurance. The climb is tough, but the views from the top are incredibly rewarding.

’Finnenbahn’ Lej Alv

Lej Alv, more than just a picturesque mountain lake, serves as an ideal spot for altitude training. The one-kilometre-long Finnenbahn encircles the lake, providing runners with a fantastic, joint-friendly surface. Whether you are prepping for a race or simply looking to maintain muscle balance by running in alternating directions, Lej Alv’s Finnenbahn offers the perfect setting.

Lej Alv Training Plan Suggestions:
- Eight 1,000-metre runs with two minutes of recovery: Perfect for race preparation. Alternating direction ensures balanced muscle training.
- Combination Training: Start with two laps around Lej Alv, followed by six x 20-second hill sprints on the path to the south side of the lake. This mix is ideal for boosting endurance.
- A 5000-Metre Run: A beginner-friendly option or a great way to unwind after a day in the mountains.
- 10 500-Metre Sprints: Focus on speed with 500-meter sprints, incorporating two-minute rests to complete all sets efficiently.

Piz Nair Vertical Run

For those craving a trail running challenge, the Piz Nair Vertical Run is a must-try. Starting from the centre of St. Moritz at 1,822 metres, the route ascends to the summit of Piz Nair at 3,057 metres. This demanding climb through the Corviglia mountain station rewards runners with stunning views of the Upper Engadin upon reaching the peak.

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Corviglia Attac

Trail running in Corviglia’s ski area brings the beauty of single trails into focus. Starting from St. Moritz-Bad at the Ovaverva indoor swimming pool, the route climbs towards the Signal cableway parking lot and continues up to Corviglia, offering scenic descents and ascents along the way. This route highlights:

  • Varied terrains, from forest roads to single trails.
  • A mix of elevations, providing a comprehensive altitude training experience.
  • The opportunity to traverse large scree fields and enjoy solitude on the narrow path to the Trais Fluors chairlift top station.

Runners will find themselves alternating between trails and forest roads, ultimately circling back to Lej Alv for a well-rounded training session. The path around Lej Alv, widely used for altitude training in summer, leads back to Corviglia and then descends towards the Signal cableway, completing a challenging yet rewarding circuit.

Whether it is for training or the thrill of the run, the trail running routes on Corviglia and Muottas Muragl offer an unparalleled experience for runners of all levels. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the altitude, and let the stunning Alpine backdrop of St. Moritz inspire every step of your journey.

After exploring the high-altitude paths of St. Moritz on foot, another thrilling way to experience the mountains awaits: mountain biking. Swap your running shoes for a mountain bike and embrace the freedom of navigating the same stunning landscapes on two wheels. The very paths that challenge runners transform into exciting bike trails that demand both technical skill and bravery. Whether you prefer fast descents or leisurely uphill rides, St. Moritz offers ideal conditions for unforgettable biking adventures in the Alps.