Internet Services

Connected and wired with the world, enjoy complimentary basic Wi-Fi Internet connections in all rooms and public areas to stay in touch with family and friends or to do a quick check on e-mails or social media on your mobile devices.

Ways to Access Internet in Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

Internet Services | Kempinski Hotel Corvinus BudapestIn the Whole Hotel
We provide fast and convenient Internet access for laptops, mobile devices, or broadcasting.

Guestrooms & Suites
Wired connections and Wi-Fi (on 2,4 and 5 GHz) are available, providing high speed and full coverage. Guests can select the free option, convenient for browsing, email and social media, or the paid option, which is available for special needs, such as VPN connection, high data volume and HD media access. Once the service is selected, it can be used in the whole hotel, including public areas.

Public Areas
See above. This applies to the conference floor, the restaurants and bars, along with their terraces, the lobby and the Business Centre.Complimentary WiFi is available even for non-hotel guests – just select the KEMPINSKI_PUBLIC network.
In the Business Centre, two PCs and an Apple iMac are available for guest use.

Special Requests, Groups
We are keen on your security and convenience, so you can request to have a separated and protected wired network, accessible also over Wi-Fi, for your special event. Backbone internet connection can be supplied with a 50 Mbps Internet line, which can be upgraded up to 500 Mbps for your dedicated use. Requests are only limited by today’s technology. You can even use a public IP or your own devices. For more details please contact our sales team: