ÉS Deli

ÉS Deli

A unique coffee shop experience.

A unique coffee shop in Budapest city centre

ÉS Deli brings Budapest the best bites a New York-style deli can offer – delicious meaty and meat-free sandwiches, paninis, wraps, baked pastries and Bircher muesli, as well as freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, served with sustainable straws. 

Hungarian staples, such as pogácsa (scones with various flavours) and Hungary’s Bundt cake, kuglóf are also available. For all-day energy, Máté Nezvál, the Hungarian master of coffee making, supplies ÉS Deli's own coffee blends, which he roasts in his Budapest manufactory from 100% Arabica coffee beans from sustainable farms in South and Central America, as well as from Rwanda.

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ÉS Deli Delights

Savour our contemporary and satiating deli and café menus in a refined Budapest style:

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ÉS Deli Coffee Blend

Our coffee is sourced from the best terroir that guarantees the appropriate number of sunny hours and hand-picked at heights above sea level that create the most ideal level of acidity. The Cybumba farm in Rwanda and Farm Finca Santa Paula in Guatemala have been operating as a 100% sustainable farm, without any compromise in quality, producing sun-dried coffees. The cherry and blackberry acidity is brought to a perfect balance by the ripe pear and dark chocolate sweetness.