Budapest Travel Tips

Budapest Travel Tips

There are endless ways to discover Budapest.

Budapest - City of Music

Liszt, Kodály, Bartók, Dohnányi, Kálmán… just a few of the many Hungarian-born geniuses now considered an integral part of the musical canon. Don’t miss the recently renovated Opera House and the brand-new House of Music in Budapest.

Budapest - City of Spas

123 natural hot springs and wells dot the city, where bathing traditions date back to the Romans. Enjoy a fun frolic or take advantage of the curative powers of these mineral-rich waters in the many heritage baths of Budapest.

Budapest - City of Cafes

From ‘black soup’ to café culture, this Ottoman-originated drink gave rise to a lifestyle best spent and relished incoffee houses. Make sure to sample Hungary’s rich cakes and torts as you chatter and chill in the historic cafés.


7 Alternative Ways to Discover Budapest

Done walking? Explore the city in ways other than by foot and discover hidden details and broader, fresher perspectives by water and air.


Bridges of Budapest

Pest and Buda… two distinct worlds connected by 12 roads and two railway bridges, each offering a new glimpse of this waterside capital’s many faces. And at different times of the day, the Blue Danube reflects a different hue of blue!


Islands in Budapest

In between Buda and Pest, there is, of course, the Danube… and islands! These water-locked, quaint spaces offer charming green patches in which to roam, the most central being Margaret Island.


Budapest's Secret Gardens

The big city parks and Buda Hills’ Pest-facing greenery apart, there are several smaller, hidden parks to discover… Ottoman rose garden, Japanese garden, the Bazaar’s gardens…


Budapest Street Art

Urban art adorns firewalls all over the city, featuring local and international artists’ contemporary graffiti, turning Budapest into a public gallery.


Budapest on the Movie Screen

Budapest has been one of the favourite destinations for Hollywood productions for quite some time. Thanks to the capital's excellent features, it can be transformed into countless other cities – with some modifications.

Budapest in a Day

A day or two in Budapest will not be enough to explore all the Hungarian capital has to offer, yet the central location of our hotel enables our guests to discover most of the authentic and fascinating aspects of our beautiful city easily. 

Wines in Hungary

Vineyards had long existed before the Magyar tribes conquered the area in the ninth century. Some pages of an old Kempinski wine list from the 1930s provides evidence that the Kempinski family was selling Hungarian Tokaj wine at that time in Berlin.