Budapest Street Art

Budapest Street Art

Budapest – where creativity is woven into the city’s fabric

Budapest Street Art

The Hungarian capital is abundant in urban art. Old firewalls serve as huge canvasses, adorned by local and international artists’ contemporary graffiti, transforming the streets into a public gallery.

Budapest’s street-art scene emerged from unprompted efforts of local artists. Seeing an increasing number of courtyards surrounded by appalling bare walls, they decided to bring life to them. Locals celebrate the murals as masterpieces and are eagerly looking out for new ones.

Neopaint was one of the first organisations that really supported artists and commissioned pieces, and they brought an air of professionalism to the process.

Színes Város Festival (Colourful City Festival) even attracts artists from abroad to contribute to the city’s art scene. Their mission is to improve public spaces, to restore their community function and to make them lovable.

The murals reflect different themes, mainly Hungarian culture, history and an urban lifestyle.

We would like to highlight some of the best-known pieces in Budapest:

The Bird House


The Bird House is at the side of an open car park, and the colour of the painting vibrantly contrasts with the grey of downtown Pest’s office quarter. Use the Lara app, and see the mural literally coming to life in front of your eyes.



This charming mural recalls the time of glory of small, family-run stores. It is designed to merge seamlessly into the street front, conjuring up a piece of the past and bringing it into the present day.

Budapest isn’t so small

Most tourists visiting the city may probably only see a small part of what is on offer, and this mural in downtown Pest highlights the fact that there is so much more to discover.


A long time ago, Hungary was very good at football. Puskás and his “Golden Team” were celebrities of the era, finding victory on the field against whomever they played. But no win was so memorable as their 6:3 defeat of England’s team, which had previously been undefeated for over 90 years, in 1953 at Wembley Stadium in London. Depicted as a photograph, news clippings and a football, this heartwarming mural serves as a nostalgic reminder of better sporting times for Hungary.

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest has been associated with culture since its opening. It is proud to house the Corvinus Art Collection, featuring more than 1,500 pieces in the rooms, suites and public areas.  A true passion and genuine interest have driven us to embrace contemporary Hungarian art: to discover, to show and to promote its best on our premises.

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