Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette

Ahead of your visit to Kempinski The Spa, kindly read the below information. We look forward to welcoming you to a world of rejuvenation and relaxation.


In order to make your next spa appointment, please call Kempinski The Spa to book in advance, or alternatively, visit us for a consultation. All walk -in guests are welcome, and reservations are subject to availability. 

Treatment Preparation

We advise that a massage is done on an empty stomach, or with at least a one hour interval between the intake of food and a massage treatment.
It is recommended to drink a lot of warm water during the day of treatment as this helps to flush out potential toxins from the body. Please also make sure to remove any contact lenses before treatment to prevent any injury to eyes.
It is advised to have a one hour rest period after the massage, and to avoid experiencing cold temperatures, swimming and direct exposure to sunlight. Drinking cold water and eating is also not recommended for an hour after oil therapies.  

Your Health

Kindly inform us if you are pregnant, have any allergies or heart problems, use any medication or have had any recent surgeries that may affect the treatment process. 
Personal Items
In order to keep your belongings safe, please do not bring any valuables or jewellery to the spa. We hold no responsibility for any lost or stolen items. 

Arrival at Kempinski The Spa

Allocate a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your treatment to allow yourself ample time to change and prepare yourself for the treatment. 

Lateness and Cancellation Policy 

Please be aware that your late arrival may result in the reduction of  treatment time, as a courtesy to our next guest. We kindly ask our guests to give us a minimum of six hours notice for cancellation of a treatment, in case the notice period for cancellation is less that six hours to the booking time, 50 % of the treatment cost will be charged. 

Age Policy 

Only those over the age of 16-years-old are permitted to use the pool, wellness areas, and to have spa treatments.