Golf resort Belek

Golf resort Belek

Your golf resort on the Turkish coast – a perfect combination of luxury, wellbeing and activity

Antalya Golf Club PGA National Türkiye

Welcome to Antalya Golf Club PGA National Türkiye, home to two stunning golf courses, The PGA Sultan and The Pasha, designed by leading architects European Golf Design and Senior Tour professional David Jones. 


The club

The club offers golfers of all abilities a challenge like no other in the perfect surroundings to enjoy their game. With stunning landscapes, world-class playing surfaces and perfect weather, Antalya Golf Club is the perfect destination for an unforgettable golfing experience. 

Antalya Golf Club PGA National Türkiye is a destination not just for golfers, but also for nature lovers. It is located right in the heart of the Mediterranean, where you can combine your wonderful golfing experience with perfect summer holiday opportunities.

The PGA Sultan Course

The PGA Sultan Course is a par-71, 6,477-metre championship golf course that will test even the heartiest of golfers. Designed by European Golf Design and David Jones, the course is seamlessly blended into the forest environment, providing a stern but rewarding test of golfing ability that any keen player will relish. 

The Pasha Course

The Pasha Course is an 18-hole, par-72, 5,731-metre golf course that may seem like a walk in the woods at an inviting 5,731 metres, but don't be fooled by the scenery! The course tests the skills of high and low handicappers alike, with a combination of different challenges. 

Memorable golf resort

Our golf club offers golfers more than just two championship golf courses. We provide a range of facilities to ensure our visitors have a memorable experience. From our driving range to our world-class practice facilities, we cater to golfers of all abilities. Our clubhouse features fantastic dining options and offers breathtaking views of the courses.

Golfing experience

If you are looking for an unforgettable golfing experience, Antalya Golf Club PGA National Türkiye is the perfect destination for you. With world-class golf courses, stunning scenery and fantastic facilities, it is the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts from all around the world. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, our courses offer an exciting challenge that will test your golfing skills. So, pack your golf clubs, and get ready to experience the best golfing in Türkiye.

Your stay at the Golf resort

The golf hotel Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek is a paradise for golf enthusiasts, situated in the beautiful region of Belek, Türkiye. As a guest, you'll have access to two 18-hole golf courses, as well as a variety of other sports facilities and activities, including tennis, water sports and yoga classes. 

Maintenance works

Due to maintenance works, our fields are not open for use on the following dates:

Pasha: from 28 September to 8 October 2023
PGA Sultan: from 9 to 19 October 2023

Culinary delights

Enjoy our culinary temptations during your golf holiday here with us in Belek. Enjoy the combination of sport and activity and combine it with varied cuisine and relaxing on the beach. 

Lale Restaurant - The Buffet Restaurant

Palm Lounge & Bar

Sofra By The Lake

Cilantro Restaurant - A la Carte

Trader's Spice Restaurant - A la Carte

Swim-up Bar

Pier Bar

Dome Café

Piano Bar

Putters Bar

Luxury Spa

After a long day of golfing, guests can unwind and rejuvenate at the luxurious spa at Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek, which offers a range of relaxing treatments and facilities, including a sauna, steam room and indoor pool, to help soothe sore muscles and provide a sense of relaxation and tranquillity.

Turkish Bath - Hammam

Spa World Massages


Sanitas Signature Massages


FAQs about golfing in Belek

When is the best season for the Belek golf course?
The best season for golfing is typically between March and May, as well as September to November, due to the comfortable temperatures and lower chance of rain. Golfers can enjoy the beautiful scenery and perfect weather during these months while playing their favourite sport.

What are the best golf hotels in Belek? 
Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek is widely regarded as one of the best golf hotels in the Belek region, offering luxurious accommodation, exceptional service and direct access to some of the top golf courses in the area.

What is the green fee to play golf in Belek?
The green fee for golf in Belek can vary depending on the season, with rates typically at around EUR 220 per person during the high season and as low as EUR 110 per person during the low season.

Which sea is in Belek?
Belek is a coastal town located on the Mediterranean Sea, in the Antalya province of Turkey.

Where is Belek in Türkiye?   
Located on the Mediterranean coast in the Antalya province of Türkiye, Belek is situated approximately 30 km east of the city centre. Renowned for its sandy beaches, top-rated golf courses and upscale resorts that operate year-round, Belek is a favoured destination for golf enthusiasts. Moreover, visitors to the region can enjoy various attractions, including the ancient city of Perge, Duden Waterfall and Kursunlu Waterfall, all within easy reach of Belek.

Does Belek have a national golf course? 
There are around 16 golf courses designed with European standards and offering a variety of options for golfers with various difficulty levels.

Is there a golf village in Belek?
The golf villas at Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek offer guests a luxurious and exclusive accommodation option, complete with private pools and direct access to the golf course, providing the ultimate golfing experience.

Are Belek golf hotels all-inclusive?
Guests at Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek can take advantage of all-inclusive golf packages that offer unlimited rounds of golf at some of the area's top courses, as well as complimentary shuttle services to and from the courses. This makes it an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts who want to enjoy a hassle-free golfing holiday with luxurious accommodation and exceptional amenities.
Guests can indulge in a range of exquisite dining options and unlimited beverages as part of the all-inclusive package, providing a truly immersive culinary experience.

Does Belek have a golf-and-spa offer in Türkiye?
Guests at Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek can enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience by combining a round of golf with a visit to the luxurious spa, with a range of packages that offer both golf and spa treatments. This makes it the perfect destination for those seeking a balanced and rejuvenating holiday experience.

How far is the golf course from the Hotel? 
The golf course is close to the Hotel. Guests can walk through or use one of our modern golf cars. 

Is a golf handicap needed?
The PGA Sultan Course in Belek has a golf handicap of 24 for both men and women, while The Pasha Course has a handicap of 28 for men and 36 for women, indicating the level of difficulty and skills required to play on each course.


Beginners & Equipment

Can I play as a beginner? 
We offer golf-lesson packages specifically designed for beginners. However, please note that those with a low handicap are unable to play on the course to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. For more information, please call T +90 242 710 1300.

Can I rent Golf equipment?   
We and Antalya Golf Club offer a range of rental options, including buggies, trolleys, tokens and full sets of golf clubs, providing our guests with convenient and hassle-free access to everything they need for a great golfing experience. For any needs, please write to [email protected].

Can I book training sessions with a personal Golf trainer?
Yes, we have golf-lesson packages with professional trainers. Please contact [email protected] for detailed information and prices. 

Which golf cars do you use?
Club Car, Yamaha and E-Z-GO are some of the top golf buggy brands that are commonly used at golf courses, including those in Belek, providing golfers with a comfortable and efficient way to navigate the courses.

Do I get special transport from the airport with my golf equipment? 
We do provide private airport transport from the airport (additional fee). Please contact [email protected] for detailed information and prices. 

How "green" is playing golf in Belek?

  • Golf courses that prioritise sustainability through responsible water-management practices, such as using recycled or reclaimed water, can help conserve this valuable resource and contribute to the overall health of local ecosystems.
  • Proper waste management on golf courses, through practices like composting and recycling, can reduce the environmental impact of golfing activities and help keep the courses clean and beautiful.
  • Golf courses that prioritize conservation of biodiversity, such as by creating natural habitats for wildlife or using native plants, can help protect and enhance the local ecosystem and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the area. Additionally, prioritizing local people for employment opportunities can support the community and help create a positive impact beyond the golf course.

Are there refreshment stations on the golf course?
At our golf course, we offer the convenience of a buggy bar, where guests can purchase drinks during their game, and for special groups, we can arrange half-way snacks on the ninth hole, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all players.

Will I be catered for on the course?
Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek boasts a superb golf-club restaurant that offers a range of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks in a picturesque setting overlooking the stunning golf course, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a round of golf.