Treatments & Massages

Treatments & Massages

Exclusive moments of pleasure and relaxation.

Treatments & Massages

Discover exclusive moments of relaxation and indulgence at the Taschenbergpalais Spa Dresden. In a warm and inviting atmosphere of sandstone, wood and porcelain, surrounded by earthy tones and blue-violet accents, you can experience classic massages and unique treatments. Our experienced therapists take a holistic approach to your individual needs to promote your inner balance of body and soul. 

If you are feeling a certain heaviness in your legs, a tense neck or tingling hands, pamper yourself with a partial body massage. With this, you have the option of an individual massage of the back, legs or arms. Give yourself a moment and enjoy. 

You also have the option of getting the massage accompanied by selected high-quality essential oils combined with gentle massage techniques and a pleasant and soothing fragrance. The aromatic oil massage improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension, thus exerting a calming effect on the body and mind. 

Alternatively, you can opt for healing with hot stones, which has its roots in the mythology of many peoples. Enjoy a special kind of massage here. 

This Indian massage, also known as ‘The Great Ayurvedic Oiling’, strengthens the human immune system and releases blockages and muscle tension. High-quality organic herbal oils meet special massage techniques and lead to complete relaxation in our SPA at the Taschenbergpalais. 

High-tech mechanisms of action from the latest research provide the impetus for profound skin rejuvenation in our anti-ageing treatment. Extracts of wild indigo stimulate and strengthen the skin’s natural defences. Come and treat yourself to one of our beauty treatments.

The treatments and massages in our Taschenbergpalais SPA are unique and enchanting. Immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere.

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Let us delight you with relaxing and revitalising treatments.


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