Relaxation from head to toe at Taschenbergpalais Spa

Classic Full Body Massage
Nurturing aroma oils support the relaxing impact of the classic full body massage, relaxing the muscles, improving the blood circulation and activating your energy reserves.

60 minutes EUR 95 | 90 minutes EUR 125

Intensive Back Massage
The intensive back massage focuses specifically on the back of the body and slacks the muscles and tensed fascia.

45 minutes EUR 80

Hot Stone Massage
Regenerates and loosens (specific) tired muscles. The warmth of the hot stones provides a pleasant feeling of well-being and deep relaxation during the massage.

30 minutes EUR 65 | 60 minutes EUR 125

Shiatsu Head & Neck Massage
The Shiatsu head & neck massage relieves tension, promotes blood circulation and invigorates body and mind.

30 minutes EUR 55

Partial Body Massage
The massage for emotional and physical well-being. This stress-relieving massage supplies the entire organism with new life energy and has a deeply relaxing and vitalising effect on body and soul.

30 minutes EUR 55

Foot Massage
The whole body is stimulated by gentle pressure and strokes. The foot massage thus achieves a holistic effect for the entire body.

30 minutes EUR 55

Massage for Children
Deep relaxation for the little ones: The child massage can positively address typical developmental problems, such as difficulties in falling asleep. The child learns to relax and at the same time to perceive his or her body better. The children's massage is suitable for children´s aged 2 to 12.

30 minutes EUR 55

Prenatal Massage
During pregnancy, a woman´s body has special needs. So that you can really enjoy the time during pregnancy and relax, a pregnancy massage relieves, among other things, backache, neckaches and headaches. Toxins and water retention can also be better eliminated.

30 minutes EUR 65


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