Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Deep and vitalising relaxation - Life energy from India

Full Body Massage “Abhyanga”
Provide your body with new life energy: The Ayurvedic full body massage with detox finish drink vitalises the body tissue in a unique way. The body is stimulated for detoxification, cell renewal and healing and relaxes in a very special way.

60 minutes EUR 125 | 90 minutes EUR 145

Foot Massage “Padabhyanga”
Deep relaxation and strengthening for the whole body: The “Padabhyanga” Ayurvedic foot massage, including foot bath, is extremely beneficial and helps to fight insomnia, nervousness and inner restlessness. In the treatment, not only the feet, but also the lower legs and knees are treated.

45 minutes EUR 85

Face Massage “Shiroabhyanga”
A sensory massage for head, neck and face. This special selective oil massage of the face and head area reduces tension and promotes blood circulation. With the help of silk brushes, your body comes to rest and helps to fight, amongst other things, headaches.

30 minutes EUR 65

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