Experience a Splendid Summer

St. Moritz is not just a winter wonderland. During the summer months, it transforms into a lush green oasis, ripe with opportunities to explore the outdoors or simply relax in the tranquil Alpine lifestyle.

Escape the Heat

As the summer heat intensifies, find your cool refuge in St. Moritz, where temperatures gracefully peak at a perfect 25°C. Indulge in our “Escape the Heat” package, offering a tranquil retreat with a special 15% discount on our luxurious suites and residences.

Bucket List Experiences in St Moritz

Whether you're here for a brief stay or an extended holiday, explore our curated list of essential activities for all ages. Immerse yourself in nature, indulge in fine dining, embark on new adventures, or find tranquillity—St. Moritz has something spectacular for everyone

Summer Happenings

Experience a summer filled with exclusive events and activities. From cultural festivities to sporting events, each day offers something unique. Discover the vibrant summer pulse of St. Moritz.

Bio Harmonising Retreat

Premier Two Bedroom Alpine Suite

Pools & Water


Ristorante Da Adriano


Gateway to the Alps and Italy

Merely a two-hour drive from Como, Italy, St. Moritz serves as the perfect conclusion to your Italian tour or an exceptional starting point. Escape the intense heat of Italy and embrace glacier views, Alpine serenity, and relaxation in cooler temperatures. Ideal for a peaceful finale or an invigorating commencement of your journey through the Alps.