The Key Longevity Retreat

The Key Longevity Retreat

Total Reset - Rejuvenate your Body and Mind

Package Highlights

Get Cryotherapy, an Alpine Massage, and a Swiss Facial, plus full access to the Wellness Centre and gym. Experience the healing benefits of Mauritius Springs and local air quality.

Join supervised workouts and a scenic hike. Attend a lecture on optimizing your fitness routine and explore Corviglia's hiking trails.

Enjoy 5 curated meals by Chef Silvena Rowe, including a cooking class and mocktail tasting. Focus on nutrition for longevity.

Attend a seminar by Dr. Zeuke on longevity and disease prevention, along with activities for mental health and stress management.

The Retreat

The Grand Hotel des Bains offers a six-day Longevity Retreat in St. Moritz, focusing on active and healthy living. The retreat gathers experts to explore longevity, sleep optimization, nutrition, and wellness. Key pillars include Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Mental Well-being, and Stress Management. The goal is to reset body and mind, promoting longevity and optimal health.

The Destination

St. Moritz, nestled in the Swiss Alps, offers a pristine environment ideal for wellness and longevity. The area is rich in outdoor activities and boasts exceptional air quality. The mineral-rich Mauritius Springs have been attracting visitors since the 15th century, emphasizing the concept of "health through water.


Culinary Nutrigenomics Chef, Longevity & Anti-ageing Expert

The Dubai-based celebrity chef is considered one of the leading ‘wellness chefs’ in the Gulf region, dedicating herself entirely to the topic of healthy food. Visionary Chef Silvena Rowe will dive into the fascinating world of functional nutrition and longevity.

As a renowned longevity expert and esteemed global MasterChef judge, she is a specialist in the field of functional nutrition and longevity, with a great passion for wholesome eating and expertise in nutrigenomics. 
The menus are curated around pro-longevity and healing, where every dish is thoughtfully crafted to nourish the body and soul, combining the modern science of anti-ageing with applications of traditional, ancient tried-and-tested ingredients. From antioxidant-rich superfoods to anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, every element of her menu is designed to optimise health and wellbeing. Participants will have the chance to forage for herbs and berries during one of their hikes. Here they can embark on a journey to discover the bountiful treasures that the Alpine landscape has to offer under the guidance of an expert.

Medical Care & Sleep

General Surgeon focusing on Sleep Optimisation, Stress, Medicine and Preventive Genetics,

Dr. Alexander Zeuke is a board-certified general surgeon with a master’s degree in preventive medicine, with more than 20 years of experience. He is the founder of Medkore Preventive Medicine and is responsible for developing preventive healthcare plans for clients and corporations all over the world. He offers data-driven personalised health programmes that help clients prevent the early onset of chronic degenerative disease, cancer, Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many more. An experienced physician and preventive medicine consultant, Dr. Alexander Zeuke published the book, Sleep Timer, where he reveals the latest ground-breaking research on the power of sleep, drawing from the fields of neuroscience, biophysics and circadian biology to explore the nature of restorative sleep and its influence on wellness and longevity. 

Dr. Zeuke will provide cutting-edge information on how to improve your environment and lifestyle to enhance the two decisive mechanisms that lead to healthy sleep.



Hotel Trainer

Discover a wide range of workouts, thrilling adventures, and expertly curated workout series led by our fitness instructor. These experiences offer a holistic blend of physical activity, mental rejuvenation, spiritual connection, and emotional empowerment. Engage in invigorating outdoor activities that push your limits and immerse you in breathtaking mountain landscapes.